Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Singapore Mom Bloggers May 2012 Gathering

I was unable to join SMB April 2012 gathering, so I made it a point to join it this time.  We have it at Marché® branch in 313@Somerset again as its a centralized venue, easy for us to meet and rush back to office after lunch.

I am meeting these wonderful mummies for the 1st time but we chatted almost every day on the net.  Seems like we've known each other for so long.  Well, no awkward moments for us, perhaps for me coz I still can't link their face to their name :P  I'm bad in this area I admit.  It takes us a few minutes to get acquainted and then head off to hunt for some food.

We chatted, joked, exchanged ideas, discuss and even draw disapproving looks from a particular lady *chuckles*  Adora lay her little princess on an empty table next to ours, place a few props around her and then camera clicking away.  The lady must have thought was Adora trying to do with a new born baby.  Its not as if little princess will roll off the table or Adora is abusing her.

We've Mother's Day gift!  This lovely hand made handphone charm from Adeline.  She is head over heels over handmade accessories and I have fallen in love with her designs almost immediately. Head over to Adeline's Loft for some ready made accessories, she does customized designs too, just drop her an email with your inquiries.

We also have some cookies from Dominique and muffins from Pc Lee.  Haven't have a chance to eat them coz saving them for Little DinoEgg who loves them.

We decided to leave Marché® coz its a warm place, too warm for comfort.  Some of us have to go back to the office and the rest of us heads off to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® at Orchard Central.

Wonder what's the topic that gives every one a serious look
More chatting and discussions at coffee bean, seems that we never run out of topics =)

And while the mummies are busy with each other, over at the other side 2 little kids are having a great time, immerse in each other's company, a green balloon and a pool of water with a few small fountains.

Aren't they cute~  U should meet them, a boy with gorgeous eyes & long eye lashes, a girl with the most sweet smile and a contagious laughter. 

We finally parted ways at around 4.15pm.  I had a great time with these mummies.  Hope I can rope in daddy for our future gatherings where daddies are included.  

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  1. Such a fun outing! Hope to be able to meet each of u in person soon too :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. There will be chance don't worry =) Hope to meet u soon too.