Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another day of Waiting

10am till 5pm

Long long long wait... ... ...

Not looking forward to it especially when I can't get hold of Mum to tell her that I would like to leave Little DinoEgg with her today.  Long, boring wait with a fiesty 6yr old is going to be double long day.  

A hint that its going to be a bad day when I received a call from my Director who (as usual) wants me to make travel arrangement NOW - like morning 8am????  And the bed frame delivery man called to say they will reach around 1030am instead of 11am.

Determine to make it through the day without pulling out my hair and blowing my top, I brought along the ipad WITH the charger, water bottle, towel, hp charger but I forgot a book for myself.

Daddy ordered MacMac once we reach the new house.  Rushing out n no time to eat breakfast, HUNGRY!

Little DinoEgg's bed frame was delivered ard 1030am, thank god!  At least now I have a place to lie down instead of sitting on the floor which gives me a backache.  All these waiting is so tiring :(

The stuffs were delivered one by one (even though we ordered the electrical appliances & coffee table from Courts), 1st the coffee table, then the teevee, soundbar, water pot, vacuum cleaner &washing machine, after tt our bed frame, follow by the 2 mattresses.  In between at some point, the teevee contractor came to mount the teevee onto the wall and the reno contractor came to cut 1 floor tile to cover up the hole in the kitchen.

Even with the ipad, Little DinoEgg still managed to get into our nerves *sigh*  Too much game n he gets bored.  Nothing to play with he gets bored.  So difficult to please a kid.

Me & Little DinoEgg left the new house at 330pm, he was hungry.  Decided to bring him to the neighbourhood mall for some light food before his art class.  Left daddy alone to wait for the Philips guy to come and mount the sound bar to the wall.

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