Friday, May 11, 2012

A little Flaw in a Perfect Dinner

It was a happy occasion, us gathering together for an early Mother's Day dinner at Kushin bo Authentic Japanese Buffet restaurant at their Suntec City outlet.

We just started to get our food & drinks, hungry bunch of people we are, especially the kids.

Me & Farn were at the drinks machine taking drinks, there was another Japanese lady with us.  Both she & Farn were pushing their cups against the machine to take the ice and the water when suddenly something fell from the top of the machine!  Apparently some waiter forgot to latch the cover properly, it slipped and hit the Japanese lady's head, then Farn's left head and towards the Japanese lady's right hand.  The heavy cover cause an instant swell on the veins of the Japanese lady's hand, a little bump on Farn's forehead.

The loud crash attracts those around us, I looked around, some of the restaurant staffs saw but every one was dragging their feet.  I was unhappy and I admit, I purposely did a drama-lady act, asking Farm if he is ok, fuss over him etc, asking the Japanese lady if her hand is ok.  Then out of no where a waiter came and show his "concern" -_-  And what he said makes my unhappiness shoot to level 10... he said "What do you want us to do for you?"  The way he put it across like I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill just to get some discount from the restaurant.  I am determine NOT to have him think this way.  I pointed out the green swell vein on the Japanese lady's hand, the red bump on Farn's forehead and threw the "WHY" and the "HOW" at him.  Seeing this, he know he said something wrong.

Anyway I let him go and went off to continue my dinner.  Of course mum fuss over Farn on the bump ^^

A while later another waitress (I guess its the senior or something) came by our table and asked how is Farn, does he need ice pack?  Insist that they give him ice pack... I keep saying there is no need for that if he says he is ok then it should be alright.  I did not catch this but sis & SIL said the waitress asked "Do you want me to give u discounts?"  I was feeling frustrated at that time coz in the first place they did not do a good job handling the accident, then they come by again to try to salvage the situation, which I will not have any part of it thus wishing she will just leave us alone (of course at the back of my mind I have already decided to put this restaurant in my BAN LIST).  IF... IF I hear that at that time, she will definitely get a piece of my mind.  I mean why do they THINK that all patrons are out to get some kind of discounts from restaurants in 1 way or rather?  Ok, maybe my drama causes them to THINK that I am out to get discount from them, but I have already said its OK.  Or they are thinking too much?  Like when I say OK what it means is its NOT OK or I'm-going-to-get-back-at-u-in-some-way???  Gosh... complicated....

Ok, for those who frequent Kushinbo, you will be familiar with the special dishes they will prepare (is it hourly special? Not sure, as this is the 3rd time I'm there) and they will play a special song "Welcome to Kushinbo.... Suntec City Tower 1..." something like tt, and every one will fly off to queue for the limit dish.  Well, 5 mochi ice cream find its way to our table, the waitress who delivered them simply say "These are for the kids."  I thought its included in the menu, till later SIL says its special dish and they specially send 5 over (to appease my anger???).  Too bad, none of the kids like it (hahaha~), even the adults find its taste funny.  Only Mum finish 1 but its coz she does not want to waste food :P

I met the same *senior* waitress at the cashier, she asked -again- if every thing is ok.  She is very brave to ask if I would like to leave any feedback.  I told her very frankly that if I write, it will be a very nasty one, she (with all her smile) says its ok.  *bravo* but heck... I'm done having anything to do with this restaurant.

So ok, the restaurant did a blunder initially and their effort to salvage.... succeed a little bit.  The images of those staffs at the counter with their expressions on their face, dragging their feet (they were like moving in slow motion) really irks me.  Sadly, this shall be my last visit to the restaurant.  I'm sure there are no lack of restaurants with the same concept and serving *nicer* food for me to patronize.

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