Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cards for Us

He was sent to his room after failing to behave, I told him to read a book or play with his toys instead of being glued to the tv. about an hour later, he emerges out from his room and gave us this.

Inside of the cards 
Outside of the cards 
"I love Star Kiss" is what the card says. Doesn't matter that he has misspelt some words but its so sweet n touching to receive the card from him, some more when he was still in punishment. Trying to redeem himself maybe? lol

Then he gave this card to both of us and say "Daddy, Mummy, this is for both of you. You must SHARE. Cannot fight. If I see that both of you fight I will take it away."

For both of us 
OMG! Talking like a little adult :) This brings smiles to both of us.


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