Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Where are your manners?

This happened last week while out having makan time with the girls. After our dinner at ION we were walking towards Wheelock Place, at the underpass fm Wheelock place to Isetan Scoots there is a glass door, so a very pregnant Mich who was in front pulled the door, 3 of us were behind her. It was a busy underpass... the people fm the other side of the door saw and just walked through the door without even acknowledging us or saying a simple "thank you", those that made eye contact with us, they just stared at us blankly, pretending that we are transparent and continue their way. 4 of us were left standing there with Mich holding on to the heavy door... I got so fed up that I took a step forward blocking the doorway and purposely raised up my voice saying "Thank you for holding the door Mich!!"

Thinking back, another incident happened at our neighbourhood mall not so long ago, we were walking out, came to a glass door, as usual Little DinoEgg who always walked in front of us will push the door open and hold it for me & daddy. Just then, a couple of "mute" adults who happens to be on the other side of the door and wanting to come in, took a look at him then walked through the door. Imagine a 6yr old trying to hold the heavy door with all his might and instead of holding the door for him, the adults slither through the door. Yes, slither!!! Coz Little DinoEgg was not strong enough to push the door to open wide enough. Not a word of "thank you" or a helping hand!

Shame on these people!

Where has all the manners, courtesy, graciousness gone to? 

Still, the "good old times" are the best, where every one are kind towards each other. Now even with the several gracious, kindness, courtesy campaigns it is worst then the "good old times".


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