Monday, May 7, 2012

A House of Our Own Soon

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After almost 2 months of renovation, our new house is finally done with *many* minor defects (ok we are particular about every thing) to get the contractor to rectify before handing over the house to us. 

We are very excited about our house though its not our first house, the previous one was sort of a "rush" job coz we sold the last house in a short period of time and have to get a place to move within a couple of months. Lucky for us, we managed to get that unit from HDB, left over units from couple of years before. As it was BTO unit, HDB has done up the flooring and the 2 toilets, we only need to do minimal renovation. Even though, every thing was kept simple, some of the furniture were pass-me-down from sister. It was a place put together in a flash.

We hunt around for a suitable house for 2-3 months before setting our eyes on this one. It was spacious and most important its near Little DinoEgg's future primary school. We went off together to choose the stuffs from the lights to choosing the toilet bowls & sinks, the wall & floor tiles for the toilet, kitchen, living rooms and the 3 bedrooms, the laminates for the kitchen cupboards, bookshelves, the wardrobes & the feature wall with the contractor and his suppliers. The Picket & Rail dinner table set & sofa which we chance upon when we hop by Robinson's warehouse sale @ Singapore Expo, bed frames & mattress hunting at Courts Tampines. Daddy surf the net to check out the best electrical appliances to buy, the best price he can find, ended up we got most of them from Courts too.

Thus this is truly OUR HOUSE, renovated according to our taste n preference with COMFORT HOME in our mind.

The furniture and electrical appliances will be delivered within the next 2 weeks, we planned to move in by end May 2012. So excited! I can feel the vibes going through my body just by thinking of the Big Move. 


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