Saturday, May 5, 2012

MPH Warehouse Sale May 2012

Went to MPH warehouse sale @ Singapore Expo today. Walking towards the Hall, there were many people, very crowded. Not surprising as today is a public holiday. I prepared myself mentally for a crowd but was taken aback when its not even half filled with people. I think the people are more interested in the Harvey Norman warehouse sale and the furniture fair at the next halls. Well, their lost, my gain.

There are so many books! I'm already feeling excited before I hit the tables. The first that caught my eye is 2 rolls of Geronimo books. A while ago I was thinking of getting this mouse book for Little DinoEgg but did not have a chance to step into the bookstore. Here is my chance! At $8 per book I think its a good deal though I have no idea how much is the usual price in the bookstore. I have an urge to get the whole lot (over 10 titles) lying displayed on the table but I was afraid that Little DinoEgg may not like it becoz there are alot of words to read. Its a different type of book in style n picture from Dr Seuss series, so I bought 2 titles which he is showing interest in currently; whales and cheese.

Geronimo Books
I never fail to find titles by my favourite author at cheaper price. I really have to tell myself to hold back on buying his books when I am in the bookstore but I always succumb to the "temptation".

My Favourite Author
Read Amy Tan's Joy Luck Club many years back, like it alot but never really follow her books. Happen to find them and thought I'd grabbed them. Should be good titles to occupy my time in near future.

Finding back Amy again
These 2 looks like interesting books that caught my eye. Not the usual type of books I will read but I'm open to anything that promise a good read.

Trying out new authors
Total damaged... $66 for 10 books, not a bad deal =) 

Looking forward to the next Times and MPH warehouse sale later this year.

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  1. I want the Amy Tan's Saving Fish From Drowning and all 3 JP books!!

    I'll swop for 3JPs and the Helper, ok?

    1. Onz!
      But but but have to wait till after i move in n settle in my new house ok? I tell myself that by then I will be in front of the lappie lesser n facing the family, books n some other stuffs MORE ^^,

    2. hmm... the Helper... which book is that? LOL sorry, went to see the books and not 1 is titled Helper.

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