Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy XX *secret* Birthday Regina!

We had a surprise for Regina of MummyMoo!

An early birthday surprise for her!  Me, Sis & Adeline was not able to make it for a gathering next week which happens to be her birthday so we thought we gave her a little surprise today.

She was pleasantly surprise though she already saw the Rich Chocolate & White Chocolate Cupcakes from Awfully Chocolate, she even took a peek LOL But the one she saw was 2 flatten cupcakes.  We bought it too early n walking around with a 6yr old really cannot ensure the "safety" of the cupcakes.  I have to buy another 2 cupcakes with the top prime & proper and take extra care not to flatten the top again.

The Birthday Girl
And what is a birthday without a CAKE? In this case, Tiramisù from Modesto's.  Love the soft texture of it, melts in my mouth.

Extra sinful dessert - Modesto's Tortino Al Cioccolato Con Gelato Alla Vaniglia, Home-made chocolate cake filled with melted chocolate, served with vanilla ice-cream.  Ooooo-aaahhhhh~~~!!!!  

Happy Birthday Regina!  I know your birthday celebration will be awesomely funtastic one!

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  1. Damn... I miss the tiramisu already! :p Happy birthday to Regina again! And the crushed cupcakes was really classic. :p

    1. I would have suggest we have a girls dinner there but I think Ms Moo will not like it kekke~

    2. I suspected. Jennifer cannot lie one. She averts her eyes and mumbled something when i asked her about the cupcakes!

      Plus go post office? Hahaha

      thank again. Looking forward to our next meeting!

    3. Post office ish not me lah, Mei Ring really need to go, I just "go" with her lor wahahaha~

  2. You girls really surprised me! So sweet la... Like the chocolate cupcakes which i devoured all by myself, because there was no hubby and no baby that night! :)

    thank you again... For being the wonderful person that you are!

    1. We are PIC! Together and amongst ourselves!
      Together we Unite!

      Oh boy.... *puke* I am so disgusting hahahha~~~

      I ate the 2 flatten cupcakes myself too kekeke~ Yummy! But u did say their standard has dropped :( Still, it taste sinfully wonderful to me.

    2. Ok Now I want the cupcake too.

    3. Go get it!
      Awfully Chocolate or any other cupcake?