Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pizza Making Class @ Modesto's

Got to know of Modesto's Pizza Baking Class from Regina of MummyMoo and immediately rope sis in so that the kids can have some fun.  Nearing the date Adeline of The Accidental Mom sign her 2 kids up too.

We arrange to meet Adeline & her kids at Vivo, did a little bit of shopping before sitting down outside the restaurant waiting for the time to pass.  The kids keep themselves busy with some games at the big curve staircase.   Adeline's kids, Brandan & Megan are wonderful & patient kids who "tolerate" Little DinoEgg's requests to play play play!  They had a little game of scissors paper stone, the winner gets to take a step up and whoever reaches the top of the stairs is the winner.

We went into the restaurant when its near the starting time, after checking our names the kids were given a small blue apron and a white chef paper hat. Sis was late.... blame it on the misleading directory which sends her & the kids walking to the opposite directions.  They have to turn back and walk all the way to the other end.  

Chef Sean starts the class by introducing himself and then in a calm manner he managed to gather all 12 kids (including a certain restless 6yr old) to stand together for a group photo.  He did it with such ease that I am very impressed.  No raising voice or clapping to attract their attention to try to gather the kids. *thumbs up*

Soon the kids were having fun kneading the dough, putting flour onto the dough, rolling out the dough, shaping the dough and then having a great time playing with the flour (which kid can resist that?!  I would have join in too but I have a "Mummy Image" to upkeep hahaha~).  They made such a mess that some one said "I'm glad that I'm not the one doing the cleaning up." I share the same sentiments hahaha~  

After the madness crazy dough play, the kids are split into 3 groups to go another table top for decorating their pizza.  The chef (sorry I did not catch this chef's name) patiently show the kids how to spread the sauce, the cheese and leave the decorating to the kids' own imagination.  Modesto's is not stingy with the topping ingredients, each kid has his/her own plate of ingredients and its more the enough for one pizza *impressed again*.  I saw a kid's pizza with a mountain peak toppings, think he uses up all the ingredients on his pizza.   The kids then get to hold the long long spatula for photo before the chef put their pizza into the wood-fire oven.  Modesto's pizza are baked in their wood-fired oven, which gives its distinctive taste and aroma, no wonder their pizzas are tastier then those I had in other restaurants.

Little DinoEgg was very excited when I told him yesterday that we are coming here, especially with his cousins and going to meet 2 new friends; Brandon & Megan.  I can vouch for him that he had loads of fun during the class.  Look at him busy making his pizza.

Work in Progress
A short waiting time (seems short coz we were busy chatting & the kids busy playing) later the pizzas are done!  Look at the delicious, mouth watering pizza!  You can choose to have your pizza on the spot or take it away.  We of course choose to have them on the spot while they are fresh from the oven pipping hot.

The Happy Pizza Chef
Can you spot the eye brows, eyes, mouth n fangs on the pizza?  According to Chef Sean, those green crosses are scars and the olive on the right is a mole.  Did he get the mole inspiration from me? *hhmmmm*

It was a class filled with fun fun and more fun.  No stress no tantrums no restrictions.  The kids are allowed to do anything & at their own will.  Modesto's staffs are patient and attentive, yupe even to the little fellas. *thumbs up again*  While 1st group of kids went over to decorate their pizza, Chef Sean continues to stay with the rest of the kids (mostly younger ones - who are the most mischievous, noisy, playful ones), interacting with all of them and keep them occupied instead of running around *thumbs up yet again*  All these enables the mummies to stand by the side happily clicking away with their cameras taking precious shots of their kids having a monstrous wild time.  

After the class ended, we sat in the restaurant chatting while the kids play amongst themselves.  Thank God for iphone, it keep Farn & Brandon busy while attracting the 2 little ones to peep over the older boys' shoulder to watch them play iphone games.

However, when Adeline left, all hell break loose.  The coloring paper & crayons did not keep the 2 younger ones' attention long enough and soon the kids went amok (at least Little DinoEgg did), running around the restaurant, screaming, shouting, giggling, laughing.  It was before dinner time and dinner crowd has not come in yet but Modesto's staffs were walking around setting the table while dodging dashing kids.  Lady Luck must be watching over them coz no one got head butt by them and drop or even break any glasses/plates.  They did not even gave them the "dirty looks" or show any irritable gestures, they went about their tasks as if the kids were invisible.  They even obliged when Little DinoEgg seek their help to get the wrapper off the lollipop *thumbs up for the 3rd time*

I had a good time during the 90mins class, feeling relaxed n enjoying as much as Little DinoEgg.  Usually I will be uptight, watching him like a hawk ensuring that he is not up so certain mischief that deem rude n unacceptable by me.  Add on to the fun chatting time with Sis, Adeline & Regina, I was over the moon!

I left the place with a happy son, aching cheeks & stomach from all those non stop laughing & joking.

We are sure to come back during their December Pizza Making Class.  See you soon Chef Sean!

Visit Adeline's Kids make dough & moms makes merry post for more photos from the class.

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  1. So glad you and Zheng had fun!
    ... and the kids were well-behaved, considering that they had to hang around while the mummies chatted! :)

  2. *applause* for the wonderful detailed descriptions! :p You worked really hard to get this post out. I know! Don't ask me how but I just know. :p Yes it was great fun too because we got to hang out and the children had each other for company.

    1. Thanks Adeline. I'm busy but I take note of things most of the times.

      I always like to watch how people in the service line treat kids, especially when we train DinoEgg to be independent. We started to let DinoEgg order his own food by telling the waiter/waitress what he wants when he was about 4yrs old. Its amazing how some of them were so surprised when a kid tell them his order politely.