Thursday, July 19, 2012

1st attempt on cupcakes

I decided to try to do cupcakes this morning.  So I woke up at 535am, wash up and get down to work errmm... bake *chuckles*

The stuffs I need plus the recipe

After measuring & mixing, the mixture are poured into the cups.  Hmm... the recipe says its for 12 cupcakes, when I pour the mixture into my 12 cups, it does not seems to be enough.  Either that or my cups are BIG.

Anyway.... here it is....

The process

An hour later it is all done!

My cupcake

Daddy's verdict : Too sweet, and it tastes like muffin
DinoEgg's verdict : Yummy!!!! (with thumbs up)
My verdict : The top is a bit burnt, the texture is good and ya a tad too sweet. But is it cupcake or muffin? No idea :(

~ ~ ~


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  1. yumyum!!! i also trying hard on cupcakes/muffins lately!!! attempting to do cream topping:).

    1. I have the ingredients to do the topping but no time to do it this morning. And I think my cup is muffin cups instead of cupcake cups hahah~

  2. Surely looked very delicious *saliva drooling*, anyway who cares whether they looked like cupcakes or muffins :P

  3. yes Jenn, these are muffin cups :) but they looked great and sure is delicious :)

    1. SO! I got the wrong cup hahah~ No wonder it has got identity issue :P