Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm doing the cooking today

I'm on leave today thus I'm doing the cooking today.  So what's cooking tonight?

Coke Pigs Trotter

With chicken soup, steam red tilapia & wolfberry leaves with carrots & eggs.

I do love my ShuttleChef so much!  I put the chicken soup and the coke pig's trotters to cook this later morning.  Saves my time, precious gas, time & energy, plop them into the thermal cooker, I then sit back and relax till its time to prepare the fish & the veggies.

Dinner is tasty, in daddy's words and have 2 very happy loved ones with happy belly.

~ ~ ~

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How #CookForFamily Works
Here are some simple steps:
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  1. Replies
    1. Yupe, so clever! Stewed with peanuts & coke. Dunno how it will turn out.

    2. Yupe, add 1 can of coke to the dish n then cook :) It says to cook in low fire for an hour (i think) but I just throw it into my ShuttleChef.

  2. Wah reminds me of my confinement food. Nice :)

    1. The love for pig's trotters all starts from there hehehe~

  3. Pig Trotters - yummy but so sinful as well :P What a spread of comfort food for the family - already drooling just by looking at what u cooked.

    1. Sinful ya... but who cares, definitely not me :P I'm sure you cook better then me. Mine can only let family members eat coz standard is not there yet. Still trying to improve.