Friday, July 20, 2012

Photography runs in the Family

Ok so I guess July is the month about ME *giggles*  Looking through the photos in my digi camera and saw this.  Normally I am the one behind the lens but this rare -nice & decent- picture of myself was taken by DinoEgg.

We were walking along Orchard Road after our lunch date with Regina of MummyMoo.  It was a cooling afternoon, there were not much crowd at this end of Orchard Road.  We were taking a slow walk while thinking where to go next.  I was taking photo of DinoEgg and then decided to let him have the camera, something that I seldom let him lay his hands on.  He was happy and was snapping away on anything n everything, even took a photo of a dustbin.  Then he turn his attention to me, barking instruction to me on "how to pose", and thus this pose, he INSISTED on the victory sign.

Since DinoEgg was 3yrs old, I have given him opportunities to play with our digital camera, he has laid his hands on Olyumpus  digi, Canon DSLR & digi (I have not allow him to play with my new toy aka Canon EOS DSLR... too precious to me.), he is always excited when he got to take photos.  Of course his photo taking skills has improved alot; photos with missing something, with fingers on the lens, over exposed, too blurry to name a few.

I think the love of photography runs in the family, from my side mainly.  Dad loves to take photos, he prized his Minolta which he use it to take so many photos of us when we were young, albums of albums of it!  Sis love to take photos too, I think she studied photography (or something) when she was in colleage (or some where).  She took very cool and nice photos which I always love & envy, wish that I can be like her.  I never really thought of owning a camera, never cross my mind to spend few hundred dollars to get one.  Then 1 day we picked up a Olyumpus digi camera in the taxi!  We were so excited!  Especially when its the latest model at that time.  That day sealed our Fate with cameras.

Me & daddy both agrees that this is his first best shoot after so many years, we love it very much.

Recently daddy revealed that he also love to play with camera, this is something new to me.  I think he is more enthusiastic then me.  I just hate to learn the technology, terminology etc etc which is wrong, but who cares hahah~ at least for now.

Anyway, having said that I hope one day 3 of us will have a date together, taking along our choice of camera, seeing the world through our lens and telling our own story.

PS : I promise that I will  -try my best to- read up more about photography so that I can take better photos.
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  1. Looks like DinoEgg really has a talent for photo taking, his photo compositions of the first photo of u and also of your hb and u is very balanced :) Looks like we have similar goals for photography this year, I am also looking to improve my photography skills and journalling the learning experience in my blog...Jia You!

    1. Ya we shall jia you together. Maybe I should get a digi cam for his upcoming birthday ^^,

      So many photography tips in SMB, I just have to remember them n try it out. *excited*