Saturday, July 21, 2012

Guests are coming by tonight!

We've got some guests coming over for dinner tonight!  Our 1st guests since the day we moved into our new house.

I made arrangement for DinoEgg to attend his art lesson in the morning slot.  While he is at class we went to Sheng Siong to shop for groceries.  We left the supermarket half an hour later and headed home.

Daddy is cooking today again.  He decided to cook steam cod as it has no small bones, easier for the kids to eat.  He put the old cucumber soup to boil and prepare the pig's trotter (A big fat piece @ $8.50 is really worth it!) - really have to give the pig's trotter a good scrub!  There are dirt, soil & hair *YUCKS* still on it.  He then put it into the stew sauce I cook 2 days ago.

Steam cod fish with fried garlic
Stir-fried spinach with prawns
Stew pig's trotter with tau kua

Few hours later, dinner is serve!  And revealing our guests =)  Sis & Han.  Farn did not come as he has school event till 9pm.

Start eating!
Today's spread

These 2 little ones are always having fun and monkeying around when they are together, well a change from the bickering n snatching of toys when they are younger.

The 2 little imps!

It feels good to cook for some one, it feels better when you are cooking for your loved ones.  I hope that I can cook more for my family as oppose to once a week, which is usually on Sunday.  

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