Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mint, Lavender & Gloxinia

It was a HOT & WARM afternoon!  But I was determine to try go get some new pots of something for our bare balcony.  So after daddy & DinoEgg came back from Grandma place we headed out to SinFlora.

We walked around the nursery under the hot hot sun.  There were not much choice for small potted plants, we saw a few pots of different chrysamthemun, chillies, some kind of ferns, roses etc.  We finally decided one 3 pots; a pot of mint (which daddy says he wants to get since the day we moved into our new house), a pot of purple gloxina and a pot of lavender.  Ya there were many pots of lavender!  After our attempt to grow it from the seeds failed tremendously we were happy to find them at the nursery, so its a MUST to get a pot home.

So here are the 3 new additions to our balcony, sitting on the railing looking cool & pretty.

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