Sunday, July 1, 2012

2 Weeks of Creative Fun - Plant Poke

More art & craft with DinoEgg!  This time we I decided to do some plant pokes since we are trying to do up our balcony.  I went off to rampage my boxes of craft items and dug out these;
  • foam sheets
  • wiggly eyes
  • pipe cleaner
  • PVA glue
  • mini glue dots
  • wood glue
  • some wooden sticks 
We sat down and start to do the mock drawing of the things we want to do on paper before drawing it on the foam sheets.  DinoEgg initially wanted to do a house but I talked him out of it, coz its too much work (for me lol) and House & Plants are not exactly in the same category :)  I suggested the corn since he did a corn art piece during his art class.  He was all in for it and dived into drawing it on the foam sheets.  I let him use the scissors to cut out the shapes from the different foam sheets under my supervision and hawk eyes.  

We use the hair dryer to dry the PVA glue but it turns out that the glue don't hold the foams together well.  I improvised it with the super sticky glue dots I have on hand.  Then I cut out random shapes from the yellow foam sheets as the corn kernels and get DinoEgg to stick them onto the "corb" with the same sticky glue dots.

Next its the carrot, he did not do any practice drawing on the paper but did it on the foam sheets instead.  He even thought and draw the carrot's "green hair", I wanted to cut the "hair" out for him as he drew them so tiny, I was afraid that he may cut his fingers.  However he insist that "I can do it Mum.", he did it with much carefulness & determination.

Then we decided to do a bumble bee!  "Cute little bumble bee" I thought but when I saw what he drew; a thin, elongated shape, I persuaded him to let me draw the bee.  So here we have a fat n round "cute little bumble bee".  He uses the glue dots to stick the wiggly eyes on and I cut 2 short black pipe cleaners for the feelers, he stick them on using glue dots too.  I drew the wings and use PVA glue & glue dots to stick them onto the bee body.

I left them to dry further before using the wood glue to stick them onto the wooden sticks and left them to dry over night.

Here are the plant pokes which we (even daddy) are very proud of.

Happy Bumble Bee on our False Heather
Corn on our -still trying to growing- Lavender pot
Noticed the missing carrots?  DinoEgg decided that a bee and a corn is enough, as it has taken us almost an hour to finish putting them together.  So the cut out carrots are sitting in a corner waiting for their turn to be put together and onto its place in 1 of our pots.

This is our 2nd craft work together, I enjoy it and I hope DinoEgg enjoy it as much as I do.  He is still not used to sitting down for at least 30mins doing the crafts, maybe he gets tired from sitting down n bending over to do things on the floor.  I shall try to tidy up our spare room so that we can do all future crafts on the big table.  I went to Art Friend to grabbed some foam rollers, more foam sheets, brushes etc recently, looking forward to doing more crafts with DinoEgg.

~ ~ ~ ~
Next in line is Pamela Tan who will be making car using recycle materials.

Pamela Tan is the mother of 5 year old Industrious Isaac, 2 year old twins Affable Asher (the boy) and Sassy Shawna (the girl). Currently a full-time working mum, with a side-line in selling board games online, Pamela has many varied interests including playing strategy board games, various outdoor sports, collecting Spiderman figurines and blogging and creating photo collections of her three kids. Pamela maintains a personal blog at and the online store at

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  1. So funny, house and plant are not same category. You know, but they do co-exist!!!

    I like the bee though. Great job, mama;).

    1. but to "poke" a house on a plant looks so funny. And a house has got many more stuffs to do (same goes for a REAL house). Then again, we end up with the corn tt needs lotsa work too hahhaa~

  2. Wow! The corn took a lot of work! Such details! No wonder he didn't want to continue anymore. I think he was fantastic with his attention for his age! Btw, I like your balcony!

    1. He is no patient angel boy but he obliged this mummy.

      U like my balcony? Saw it fm my other post about my balcony? Its a great place for us to "do something nice" with it but it still abit bare now.

  3. Wow, good lor! It takes quite a bit of fine motor skills to cut all these out (plus the carrot hair!!!) and sit diwn for such a long while to stick them on. Great job DinoEgg. Heh, the house would have been interesting too. :p

    1. Have to train him to be patient so these craft times are good for him.

      House? u do n show? I only have 1 wooden stick left and DinoEgg wants me to do the carrot FOR him.

  4. Wow! these are so pretty! well done :)

    I shall give them a try with my two children :) Thanks for sharing!!

    1. You are welcome Jean!
      Do up yours and post for us to see. My imagination is so limited >.<~ only able to think of the corn n bee.

  5. i love the corn! it looks so real! will definitely be trying it out with my girl... when she has enough attention span for it all. :) thanks for sharing!

    1. Mummy Crockie (kekeke) can start training now with small n easier ones, like the bee.

  6. Arts and crafts is such a fun activity for the whole family. Great photos and what fun for all.

  7. The corn looks so realistic. Good work there! And I love the adorable bubble bee too. Too bad no plant pokes for me, as green fingers is something that I sorely lack. Look forward to your carrot!

    1. hmm... the carrot... now where did the carrot hide? LOL