Monday, July 2, 2012

Motivational Monday - All the mad dash are worth it

It has been a hectic Sunday.

My fault perhaps, trying to take on too much and accomplish so many things in a day.

The day before I had it all planned out in my mind.
- Wake up at 6am, wash up and throw laundry to wash
- Drink my coffee, watch tv, hangs around in the web and wait for the laundry to be done
- Out of the house by 7.15am to catch a bus to the nearby wet market
- Grab my groceries and be back by 8.30am, just in time to wake DinoEgg up
- Prepare breakfast together with DinoEgg
- Have breakfast and then get the soup cooking 
- Throw in the 2nd load of laundry to wash and hang them out when I'm back
- Lunch follow by nap
- Wake up at around 4pm to get ready to cook dinner.
- Dinner at around 6pm, relax abit with tv, blog etc then bed time

Such a nice schedule.
Now only if it works out just as perfect.
No such luck.

I stepped out of the house on the dot as planned.  Reached the wet market and was all ready to dive in to start my grabbing.  I only managed to grabbed a half chicken before I decided to leave the wet market because I was walking pass the butcher and saw that he is smoking, I look in disbelieved at the long cigarette ash hanging at the end of the cigarette!  It looks like its going to surrender to the gravitational force and land its self onto the meat!  I fled vowing never to buy from this butcher again!

Headed off to the supermarket opposite and was slammed in the face by drawn roller shutters.  Its 8.25am!  Why is it still CLOSED!!! A quick check with best friend Google and I got another shock... Cold Storage at this branch only opens at 9am (when did they change that??? I remembered it was open at 8.30am)! So I had breakfast, fidget alot, hogging a table at Burger King and watching the roller shutters like a hawk.  5mins to 9am I walked to the entrance and wait patiently. When the roller shutters are up I was so ecstatic!  Grabbed the trolley and head off to the meat section only to realized that there is a leakage on the ceiling and it has caused a power tripped, no electricity means the electronic weighing machine is out too.  I hang around for a while but decided to grab my other groceries before returning to the section 20mins later.  Lucky its a short queue at the cashier and I was out in 5mins or so.  

Taxi queue was surprisingly short, I was the 4th person in line, but the sun is shinning onto us though it has a shelter.  I was standing under it with my groceries, perspiring and feeling pissed.  10mins later I was in a taxi heading home.

Reached home at 9.50am, the minute I am in the door, I dumped everything on the floor and dashes into the toilet as I have been holding onto a full bladder for the pass 20mins or so.

The "dumped" groceries
Then I stayed in the kitchen keep all the groceries, feeling moody+pissed+sticky+sweaty, while the boys are watching tv.  

In the end no breakfast fun with DinoEgg (daddy made some eggs for him), soup preparation was delayed till 11am coz I was so dead tired, food meant for breakfast now becomes lunch, nap was delayed till 2pm which affects dinner preparation & dinner time.

Looking back today, I gave myself a pat on the shoulder because despite all these unforeseen mishaps, I managed to 
- give my family a day's of healthy & tasty meals
- prepare and cook dinner together with daddy (he decides to join me in the kitchen, so glad that he did so)
- took photos for 2 of the linky post I have agreed to join
- got the laundry done, folded and kept
- blog a little bit, unfinished but better then unable to do anything
- I even bought flowers for the dinning table (haven't been doing that for a few weeks)

DinoEgg gave me the BEST motivation and makes me feel all these are worthwhile by telling me "Mom, you cook the best food!"


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  1. awww.... *hugs* things don't always go as planned. I can feel the frustrations. And I like the pic of the dumped groceries! :p

    1. I simply just give up n threw every thing onto the flower, disregarding that I have some delicate flowers amongst them hahah~ Lucky they are fine when I put them into the vases later that day.

    2. eh i meant to say "threw every thing onto the FLOOR" lol

  2. Well, my usual day of mum. But yours are much more fruitful! I have surrender to "take it easy" and "forget about blogging".

    You did well! Don't stop:).

    P/s: I too, like the picture. You did some effect?

    1. Thanks Pc =)

      Ya I did some editing using some software.

  3. Son woke me up at 9 and told me he's very hungry so I made sunny side up and sausages for him.

    1. Blame it on the mishaps that made me come home so late.

  4. Hi Jenn, thanks for linking up. As a working mom, I don't get to cook a lot but when I do, I feel appreciated when my hubby and daughter enjoys what I cooked. Glad you still managed to have a relatively productive day :)

  5. Still managed to take pic of dumped stuff! Not too bad :)

    You kept your cool and still managed to do your best to keep to the initial plans. In the end, that's what counts. Oh... And spending time with the family too, of course!

    1. Yupe, after dashing to the toilet to release kekekeke~

      I don't know why I take the picture but at tt point of time I was so tired and was thinking to myself "What did I do to myself?" then take out my hp to snapped a picture.