Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Messages of Love from our Angel

Last Sunday while relaxing in front of the tv after our dinner, DinoEgg was in his room playing.  Then he folded a paper aeroplane and starts throwing it around the room.  After a while he decides to "send" it my way with some sweet messages.

His messenger of Love
Der Mom I love you
Mom your cooking was The Best
He flew the paper aeroplane to me each time he write a new message, giggling and laughing every time he takes it back from me, ran back to his room to add new message and then "flying" it to me again.

I showed it to daddy and he look "sad" and asked him "baby, you don't love papa?".  He think for a while (still giggling and laughing) then ran back to his room.  5mins or so later he ran out n threw this piece of paper at daddy.

Mysterious messenger
look Behind you again
papa opun This paper and you Will get somethige
He made a quick drawing in 5mins or so, was a "rushed" job as you can see from the way he do the coloring (looks abit like some artist right hahaa~  ok the Mum in me talking)

Then he went into his room, stayed inside there for about 15mins or so and presented a better drawing for daddy.

These messages are straight from DinoEgg's heart, we did not tell him what to write, he just pen down how he feel there n then.  Such a sweet darling boy!

straight from the heart
Don't we just love the pure innocent love from our kids and the little things they do to make us happy, at the same time they are having an enormous fun time doing it?  We, as parents are always so caught up with our rat racings and other stuffs which puts the bread on the table that we are missing out some pure, simple love and fun.

Hugs can do great amounts of good, especially for children ~ Princess Diana

Have you hugged your child today & tell them you love them? I guess that is the least I can do when I am too tired to do any bonding with my angel.


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  1. Moments like these will always be cherished. *love*

    1. Ya...thank god for blogging, i can record this down conveniently.

  2. Awwwwww!!! He's a keeper, that boy :)

    1. If u have a girl will u want him as ur Son-In-Law? wahahaha~~