Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Bad Bad Mummy!"

Something happened yesterday morning tt makes me snapped.  I was very upset and totally melted down.

Last weekend I was unpacking some of the remaining boxes and found him.  Decided to leave Mr Elephant out since he wanted it, threw it in the laundry basket waiting for its turn to go into the washing machine.  Never had a chance to wash it.  DinoEgg saw Mr Elephant when he was putting his pyjamas into the laundry basket and asked when am I going to wash it.  I told him this weekend since Mr Elephant has got stuffing inside him therefore need Mr Sun to shine on it.  Then he goes "Huh?  Bad Bad Mummy! You don't want to wash Mr Elephant."

This is the 2nd time he throw those words at me for something that, in his perspective, I did not do for him almost immediately.  And yesterday morning, despite my explanation he still uses those words on me.  I am wondering which part of my words he do not understand? Or he simply think that every one (or maybe only ME) has to do his things now/immediately.

Actually we have been on similar situations many times.  He is always asking when I will do this for him, bring him to a particular place, cook lunch/dinner etc.  We tried telling him umpteen times a specific time/day/date or some reasons for not going to certain places, it does not get into his head!  He wants it NOW, he wants to go NOW.  We get so frustrated trying to explain to him, reason with him, talk to him that our temper flare.  We do not use big words, we use simple words, patiently explain to him but still cant.

Is there something wrong with our teaching?  Is there something wrong with him? Or perhaps we are not patient enough?  Maybe he can't understand the words which we deem simple?  That cannot be the reason.  How not to understand tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, afternoon, night?

Sometimes in order for me to hold my temper, I just keep quiet, ignore him.  I know its bad but flaring up n scolding him is worst right?  How I wish I can do a scan of his brain or open up his head and see what is inside there.

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  1. I just read the section about wanting things done immediately and impatience in the book :)

    1. eh why repeat twice? *deleting the other duplicate* =)
      Keep reading and anticipate lol

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  3. new here.. but when I read about this, I can't help to think that are all the children these days behave like this? I have one, and so do all my other friends.. their NOW means NOW!

    1. Thanks for visiting Cynful Pleasure =)

      Did we forget to give them the sense of TIME when we give birth to them? *shake head*