Friday, July 27, 2012

The August Babies of the Family

These 2 little cousins, born just 9 days apart.  Growing up together its a Love Hate relationship between them.  Most of the time they can't get along when they are young, bicker, fight, snatch, cry, they can't even share toys let alone play in peace for long.

As they grow older, they managed to develop a chemistry and suddenly able to get along fine.  Even when there is only ONE ipad on hand, they will share it, taking turns to play with it, working out a system where both will be happy.  Sometimes they exchange ipad so that both can play with the games in the other one's ipad.

At the recent family gatherings, both of them INSIST on sitting together, which is at a different table as me & daddy.  I went over to their table to check on DinoEgg, once I caught both of them whispering into each other's ear.  I asked what were they whispering, both of them eyed me, giving me the "Its none of your business" look, mumbled "nothing" then burst out laughing.  Leaving look errm... dumb.... *sigh*  I thought I'd only get this kind of treatment when DinoEgg is in his teens.

When u ask DinoEgg to pose for photo either alone or with daddy or with some one he will usually gives funny faces, monkey around and it takes a few stern words or coaxing from me to get him to cooperate. With Cousin Han, he NEVER need a 2nd word. He is always all ready to take photos with her, she is usually the one tt needs some cajoling most of the time. And DinoEgg will be upset if she refuse to take photo with him.

And so the above photo, both happy n cooperating. Another photo for keepsake.
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