Friday, July 6, 2012

Life’s Little Pleasures! Pizza, Ice Cream & Blackberry

School's out not because of holidays but because its hit with 15 cases of HFMD (Hand Foot Mouth Disease) and was forced to close down for some serious scrub down.  Don't get me wrong, the school's been very good in curbing the virus, its only the 2nd time for the pass 6yrs that school's close due to the same reason but the virus still managed to creep in.  Mum's been taking care of him for a couple of days but I thought I'd take over for a day so that she can take a rest.

I arranged a lunch date with Regina of MummyMoo as I have to pass some stuffs to her.  Fun & great lunch date as DinoEgg gets to eat one of his favourite food - PIZ-ZAAAAAA!!!! & I have a gigantic (I'm not kidding you!) plate of seafood penna pasta in cream sauce.  Besides enjoying the pizza he gets to eat ALL the squid head (with tentacles and all *frown*) found in my pasta, you should see the satisfying look on his face while he was enjoying each of them. He usually have to "fight" with daddy (who, will give all to him anyway *smile*)  but today no "fights" are needed.

It was a fun lunch but I have a feeling that I am the "light-bulb" here since both of them were having laughing & chatting amongst themselves n leaving me with my gigantic pasta.  Too bad Regina has to return to work.

And after the main course its the much loved ICE CREEEAAMMMM!!

And while he slowly savour his chocolate ice cream I kept busy with my eyes glued to my blackberry.  I read Regina's and laugh out loud, and I mean LOUD since its a weekday afternoon thus less people n the place is quieter.  That caught DinoEgg's attention who literally threw down his spoon n peep over my shoulder.  I showed him what Auntie Che Che Regina wrote on FB, he read and he laughs.  He say he wants to reply (he thought we are sending text messages) and I said ok.  Another treat for him coz I do not allow him to touch my Blackberry (Its company's property n I have to pay a fine if I damaged it in any ways).

So here he is, happily and patiently trying to spell out the words he wanna tell Auntie Che Che Regina.  He's got many expressions, these are some of the better shots I took of him coz I was laughing so hard that I can't take good photos.  I can still remember his cheeky glee, giggles n many different facial expressions as he "painstakingly" type in each word.

And here is his message to Auntie Che Che Regina *giggles*

Thanks for the wonderful lunch Regina!  Cowbutt!

~ ~ ~

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  1. I want To eat the pasta you had and help eat all the squid head for you!! :p auntie Che Che Regina? Doesn't that pile up the age?

    1. tsk... snatch food fm a 6yr old, shame on u.

      Well, she seems to be very happy with that lol

  2. Auntie che che okay! Dont play play!

    Jen, thanks for passing me the shoes and dvds! So sweet of you to come all the way to orchard to see me!

    And z is a sweetie. You and Daniel did well.

    Cowbutt and all!

    1. Auntie Che Che it shall be ^^

      Better be that day or god know when that we are meeting up.

      Thanks for the compliments =) We try to do our best.

  3. Sounds like you had an awesome day!

    Congratulations - you are this week's Featured Friend at Friendship Friday at

    Create With Joy