Thursday, July 5, 2012

The WOW Bunch No More!

We got acquainted on October 2011 when DinoEgg started his art lessons with them.

He was in the Pink room with Teacher Shin, who left the school about a month later but recently is back again.  I was worried about DinoEgg not having any "art sense" as he is not showing any sighs of "drawing a perfect picture".  Also he was unable to start from the younger class where they are taught how to use the different mediums, color sense (warm, cool n neutral colors) etc so he probably have problem understanding Teacher Shin when she talks "arty jargon".  At then end of the trial class (and following few classes) I spoke with Teacher Shin and its always positive feedbacks, thus we stayed on.

About 3 months later he was promoted to the Blue classroom and since then he has given a new meaning to "noise pollution" into the class conducted by Teacher Gazaly Haron or fondly known as Teacher Gus to the kids.  Teacher Elma occasionally will join the class if she does not have any students in her class (Its Saturday afternoon so the school is usually quieter).  And when u put the 3 of them together, its an avalanche of noise, laughter with all sorts of funny crazy sounds coming out from the room.

I remember the day DinoEgg wore his new Ben10 tee to school, we were early for class and only Teacher Elma was there.  She sat down with him n got into a Ben10 conversation with him *impressed*  She kept him busy by asking him to draw and color the Ben10 omitrix logo which she cut it out for him to stick on his arm much to DinoEgg's delight.

Many a times DinoEgg creates disruptions in the class with his "Non Stop Commercial Free" mouth, his mischievous acts & dramaness (wonder where he got that from... hmmm....).  Teacher Gus is always patient with him, telling him don't do this, don't do that but it always falls to deaf ears.  Teacher Gus says he is ok with all the din that DinoEgg creates and without him the class will be boring (the other 2-3 girls are so quiet... shhhh-sshhhh).  Aww... so nice... He also say "Children are suppose to be LIKE THAT!" I like that statement, ALOT!  Even though I cannot stand DinoEgg when he is in that mood and would rather he sit down in a corner to read a book.  (Oh wait!  He can't read a book QUIETLY!  I think this word is not found in his dictionary hahahah~~~) Teacher Gus is a drama-boy himself too!  Sometimes he just join in the mindless yakking with DinoEgg.

Anyway besides loving the lesson plans and the way the lessons are taught it is also because of the teachers that I started DinoEgg with the lessons.  Despite the fact that we have to take a taxi every weekend to attend the class but to be greeted by a bunch of warm hearted, hilarious, fun, sporting teachers who inspired him to draw/paint/color/make a mess with different mediums is all worth it.  Take a look at DinoEgg's master pieces which he did when he was with Teacher Shin (I have not upload the pieces he did during Teacher Gus' class).

We have been there for less then a year and we enjoy every week's trip to the school for a good hour and a half lesson.  I have fun looking into the class through the glass to observe the class though most of the time its to spy on DinoEgg and ensure that he does not do anything that is deemed unacceptable to me.  I am vouch that DinoEgg love the lessons and adores the teachers.  If we are early he will run around the school shouting "Teacher Gus!" or "Teacher Elma!!" follow by showing/telling them something or simply just give them a cheeky smile.

2 weeks ago I was sad to know that both Teacher Gus &Teacher Elma will be leaving the school to further pursue their interest.  I know school will be different without them, it has toned down abit when Geraldine & another Indian teacher (Sorry, but I keep forgetting her name) left the school earlier this year.  I guess I have to try to get used to it and give the new teachers a chance.  Keeping fingers & toes crossed. 

Last Saturday, I took the camera with me to take photos of them & DinoEgg.  We had fun, yeah even for just 3 shoots hahah~

#1 try... I tried to take a photo with 3 of them jumping but timing (and a slow responding camera) wasn't right and only DinoEgg is in the mid air while the other 2 are about to take off. 

#2 try... pose pose is better then any action one but DinoEgg thinks otherwise.  He still wanna jump, luckily he did not hit their faces *giggles*

#3 FINALLY a Picture Perfect Pose!

We wish Teacher Gas, Teacher Elma & Teacher Safari (ok ok Teacher Shafiq) all the best in their future endeavors! May you keep your love of art alive and inspire many more younger generations to appreciate arts.

We will miss you, especially this fiesty little fella.

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  1. I hope that Dinoegg gets a good teacher for art. It's sad when the teacher he likes goes away but I guess that it was good learning experience for him under her.

    1. The school is changing their teaching style, thats why the 2 teachers are leaving. If the school is going to implement the new style n class in the older class I will have to stop and change school.