Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Monster is on the loose!

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While the gate keepers are out having a great time at a rocker band's concert, the evil monster took the opportunity to release its ultimate anger and terrorize the others.


Yupe, while we are getting comfy at Resort World waiting for Wu Bai's concert to start, I received a call from Bro M.  He was trying to tell me something but I could hardly hear him.  A certain 6yr old boy was screaming & wailing & shouting at the background.

Bro M was asking me to speak to DinoEgg but he just would not calm down or quiet down to take the phone.  He simply went on screaming and crying.  In the end Bro M have to hang up the phone.  A while later I made a call to Bro S trying to find out what happened.  I was told that DinoEgg was eating dinner; correction, Granny was feeding him dinner, his eyes were glued to the ipad and munching very slowly.  Bro M was not happy so he asked Megan to switch it off.  That sets him off and the terrorizing starts.

Well, I was not there to discipline him, Granny tried talking to him which of course fall to deaf ears.  Bro M & Bro S don't know what to do with him.  I told Bro S that just throw him into the room and ask him to calm down.  That is all that I can do.

So this morning, I had a talked with DinoEgg.  I asked him what happened yesterday that makes him turn into Monster?  He told me he was watching ipad then Bro M switch it off, he wants to watch the movie on ipad.  He knows that he was in the wrong, he was not suppose to eat while watching tv or ipad.  He is only allowed to do that if he finishes his meals fast while watching otherwise it will be switched off.  He realized that he had done wrong and he is sorry about it.  I called Granny, Bro M & Bro S, he apologise to them and admits that he was in the wrong.

DinoEgg has got anger management issue.  After months n months of talking, coaching, explaining, counseling (by Teacher), reasoning, teaching him how to calm himself down when he feels frustrated, the Monster has stayed away from him for a some time.  We were finally relieved & hope that the Monster will be banished forever. 

The bubbles were burst BUT there is still hope!  We shall not relent and surrender to the Monster!  Fight, we shall!  Defeat, we will!  Victory, we celebrate!!

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