Monday, July 16, 2012

Motivational Monday - A healthier body makes a happier Me!

Following my last Motivational Monday post on taking care of my look and aging gracefully, I have also been taking care of my health & well being, from the inside.  It is known that a healthy person will naturally gives out a certain healthy glow, have positive thinking & attitude.  All these will bring out the natural beauty in you.

I am grateful that bestie Renee connected me with Chiropractic First, I am now healing from inside out as I have blogged in April 2012 about My Twisted Spin.  I am more aware of my posture, I try not to lie down on the sofa to watch tv, so slouching on chairs or sitting in a weird and unnatural position.  I do not want a Dowager's Hump when I am older.  Last month I added a phone book underneath my monitor, levelling it up and making me sit up straight, but it gives me excruciating pain on the middle of my back.  I thought it was my sleeping habit, I tend to lay on my left and sleep in foetus position whole night without changing position, that gives me shoulder & back pain the next morning.  I brought it up to my Chiropractor and he says it is because my spine has been slouching and in bad posture for a long time, now that I am forcing it to "straighten up" it is "protesting".  It took about 2 weeks for the pain to gradually go away, but it is well worth it.  No Pain No Gain!

Its been 5 months since I started my adjustment, I do still have headaches and migraines but its probably due to lack of proper rest, occasion aching neck caused by my sleeping posture, but no more tired shoulders n strained back.  My overall health and well being has improved a lot.  I am a happier person!  I am slowly getting my spine adjusted to the correct alignment thus making my body frame looks nice and balance.  I still can remember how upset I was when I feel that I was not "right" and did not know what to do.  Now I have a almost pain & aches free body.  This means that I look and feel great, I can definitely age gracefully.

I went for my adjustment this evening, there were alot of people and it looks like a longer then usual wait.  I decided to whip out my BB to take some photos, but everyone is busy with their duties, I only managed to take 3 photos!  I couldn't even catch hold of Dr Storm to take her photo.

This is my Chiropractor Dr Craig Westheimer, in his words after I took his photo "You've got the most good looking chiropractor!"  Aye!  He is so NOT shy!  LOL

Well since he said that then I also have the most beautiful female Chiropractor too, Dr Heather Ann Storm who join the Thomson branch recently.

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Here are some of the staffs @ Thomson branch; Meng (I hope I get his name right), Caren & Siew Ting.

I never have the dragged feelings (which we always feel when we have to go and see a Doctor, read "pains, needles & yucky medicine") or procrastinate the visits.  In fact I look forward as the doctors & staffs are jovial, humourous & cheerful, they never fail to make me laugh during my visits. 

Remarks : I am in no way affiliated to the management of Chiropractic First or have been compensated to write about this.  All opinions are 100% based on my experience with the people at Chiropractic First, Thomson branch.

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  1. kekeke... indeed very hamsum chiropractor! hahaha! can fight with mine lah. :p

  2. Thanks for linking up on Motivational Monday and glad to hear that your back is recovering. I have been asking my hubbby to go to the chiropratic as well as he has a very bad back.

    1. Should go and have it take a look, rather then taking pain killers or muscle relaxant to ease the pain.