Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SMB BSS Dinner + Surprise

Our dinner date keep changing and changing due to our individual busy schedules till we decided that it must materialize TODAY!

So we made a date to i12 Katong as its convenient for Regina of mummymoo to fetch BabyMoo from in-law's place later.  Adeline of The Accidental Mum Blogger was the 1st to reach after she's done with her quickie (its her "fast to cook & good to prepare chicken stew"... what were you people thinking?)  She was standing in front of the Shop Directory for 5mins before I arrive where both of us look up and down the restaurant list and couldn't decide where to go.  Regina reached 5mins later and 3 of us stare at the directory for like another 5mins *palm face*

We decided to walk around to look at the restaurant before deciding.  Good idea coz we choose the 1st one we came upon; T.G.I. Friday's, not crowded, bad lighting, quiet but they have booth seating.  Comfy n spacious for 3 of us.  We quickly order our drinks and food, then settle down to catch up with things.

Friday's 3 for All

cajun fried chicken salad

Don't ask me how the food is coz my mind was not really on that, but my drink Gold Medalist that makes up of strawberry and banana tastes great.  We had fun chatting, teasing, sharing of info etc.  We made so much noise, we laughed so loud and hard that people will think these 3 ladies are high on certain drugs.  I was telling them that 3 of us, with age added up to almost hit the HUGE number of 120 are here laughing & giggling like school girls, people would have roll their eyes at us for creating a scene.  But who care?

Aye, time passes fast when you are having fun, 2 hours zoom by and its time to go home.  These kind of gatherings are great coz it perks me up but then gives me laugh lines & abdominal muscle aches from all those laughing.

The ladies gave me a surprise!  A painful one from Regina who upon seeing me, swings this super heavy paper bag at me which I have to catch and almost break my arms.  ok ok I was exaggerating but I'm telling the truth about the Super Heavy thing! I was thinking "maybe she gives me gold bar as a gift" *woohoo*  

The ladies are so sweet but I'm not used to be the one receiving surprises since I am the one who usually plans or collaborate the surprising.  I sort of dunno how to react.  Sorry ladies if I seem lukewarm when you "threw" your gifts to me.  I really appreciates your thoughts =)

And here are my 1st birthday gifts, wrapped up so nicely with hearts, cupcake & pretty ribbons!

My lovely Birthday Pressies!

From Regina~ cookbooks!  More recipes to try our hands on!  Daddy took the Wok & Stir-Fry from me and eagerly flipping through it.  He showed me the Beef Rendang page n say "ooo~ Beef Rendang!"  I know he is going to try to cook this SOON!

More cookbook YEAH!~

From Adeline~ Schedule Diary!  I needed this to scribble important stuffs down!  The Must Do pad is too small though coz I have too many TO DO things.  Gotta ask her where she got these so that I can grab a handful of them.

Need this to remind myself of things

Beautiful heartfelt birthday wishes.

Sweet Wishes~

Thanks for the lovely dinner date ladies!  So sad that Jean of Jean Stitch was unable to make it but we did not forget you!  We were thinking about you throughout the dinner, wishing you were here to join in the craziness fun.  Hopefully our next dinner date will not be too far away and every one will be present.

*** *** ***

Some one has got gift too! When I flashes this in front of DinoEgg, his eye light up instantly! How come he don't get so excited when he sees us... ... I was contemplating whether to get him to text Regina, leave a msg in FB or call her but thought better to show her how happy he is. So I told him to show me his "Very Happy Thank You" pose and here it is~


~ ~ ~


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  1. hahaha heng ah, never post up ugly photos of us. :p BTW, your chicken salad photo vely nice angle! And I want to drink magarita next time ok?

    1. Thanks! That was lazy photo taking; i.e taking photo with bum stick to the seats n only move upper body to try to catch good angle haha~

      I know what to do ok. I know u regal so cannot post up "weird" photos of u wahahah~


  2. Wait I post the weird photos of her... :D

    It was all good fun - laugh until cry, and so many times both of you take out glasses to wipe tears lor! Abdominal workout. Happy Happy!

    And Z is my 2nd favourite boy - as I've already mentioned, after my son ;)

    Mosquito got plenty. More if you always kill those lizzies.

    1. exercise time. no sweat some more only tears hahah~ ya lah ur fav boy lor, wait till he gets into ur nerves kekekeke~

      what mozzie aplenty?

  3. sweet:-) but most i love are the mouth watering foods you serve.....yayyyyy...got starve now,.