Monday, July 23, 2012

Starting a War with the Cold Blooded THING

I have always show respects to all things big and small, I try not to kill them because I think and believe they are already for a purpose.  I have screamed at the sight of cockroaches of all sizes (then DEMAND daddy to "GET RID OF IT NOW!!!!", dodged Kamikaze golden beetle, flicked/use a piece of something to fan big flying ant, shooed away (ya literally fan my hand over them n say SHOO!) black tiny spiders, made loud noises to send lizards scurrying away.  So far I have my fair share of sudden scare from all the more eeky, disgusting, hair standing ones, you know who you are you... you... you disgusting things!

When we moved into the new house, there were no signs of any insects.  No ants, no cockroaches, no lizards, no mysterious flying insects but of course we know they will show their presence in due course.  And they did!  First there were the ants, then the mysterious flying insects.  We put ant baits all around the house and the ants were gone.  Can't really do much with the flying insects coz they are mainly attracted by the lights in the house.  Furthermore, does not help when we have a balcony that has no window and the balcony door is slide back most of the time.  Them flying insects have free access to our house mostly any time of the day.

After a while I started to notice baby lizards scurrying across the floor, most of them with broken tail.  And strangely I find dead baby lizards in the bedrooms, perhaps they were frozen to death while we are sleeping and enjoying the air con?  Then what about the baby lizard I found beside our main door?  No cold freezing wind... how did it end up dead? Anyway, my attitude towards the lizards are neutral, since they do not really bother me I just frown at their sight and leave them alone. 


I was bending down to take out DinoEgg's clothes from the laundry basket when I saw an adult lizard at the side of the basket.  I was shock... imagine my face was at close distance from it, I can see its dark eye look at me, with its pale while body YUCKS!  I try to think nothing of it, continue to grab handfuls of clothes out and laying them on the floor beside it.  I kneel down to sort out the pile of clothes to see which to wash this morning when I notice a pair pale legs & a long tail sticking out from one of the tee.  Goosebumps immediately!!!  I pincer grasp that particular tee and gave it a hard shake.  The THING stayed... YUCKS!!! I pincer grasp the tee again n threw it at a slight distance away.  The adult lizard landed on the floor (almost can hear a SPLAT when it landed), stunned for 1 second and scurried under my Buddha's table.  I shuddered n goose bumped... I picked up the pile of clothes, gave it a shake hoping tt nothing will drop out from it and quickly threw it into the washing machine.  I crossed my fingers that I do not find any "bodies" inside when I hang out the clothes some 30mins later.

The near "fatal" experience made me decide to get rid of them cold blooded thing! Then I have a change of heart, with them gone the spiders and mozzies and flying insects will thrive!  HOW!

So I head of to consult my bestie; Guru-Google and found some answers. 

Peacock feathers
Lizards are afraid of peacocks which prey on them so place peacock feathers some suggested.  Either put it up on the wall or place it in a vase(s) at the area/corners the lizards usually lurks. 

Egg shells
Lizards will presume that there are larger predators like birds or bigger lizards in the house, so they will be too scared to stay.  Place the egg shells near windows, doors and any other place by which lizards enter into your homes.

Diluted Tabasco sauce
Mix 2 teaspoons of tabasco sauce with a small spray bottle and spray at the area the lizards lurks. 

If all the above fails, get a pet, preferably a cat who have a liking for lizard as toys.
Which I strongly suggest against UNLESS you are sure you want to have a pet for life!

So I only have the egg shells & tabasco sauce options.  I shall rampage my kitchen cabinet to see if I have a bottle of tabasco sauce, if there is none then I shall keep the egg shells from this weekend's cooking.


PS : FYI, there were no pieces of body parts in the washing machine after the washing was done this morning.

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  1. Worse than cockroaches are those lizzies.


    But you know... they can smell fear. The more you fear them, the more they will come. I've had my share of confrontations with them. Seriously. Can tell you that the saying's true.

  2. U mean lizards or ALL creepy crawlies??

    1. Dunno about all... but lizards always aim me!!

      Fall on me, make me step on them etc. EEEEEEEEE!

    2. Fall on you???? OMG! Freaked out manz! I once stepped one, woke up to go kitchen w/o lights n stepped on something squishy... needless to say, I was fully awake at tt instant.

  3. I hate lizards too.. However ever since I started using the lizard trap box they have all but dissapearred from the house and I'm hoping that they never come back.

    1. I dun dare to use the trap box... its the sticky type? They will die right?

      Its a love-hate relationship :( I want them around to rid the other pests but they lurks! And they come out fm places or spring out unexpectedly! THAT, I don't like!

  4. hahahha! this is hilarious!! I believe too, that the more you think of it in your house, it will be appear from nowhere. I have lizard nightmares too you know? Share with you a story. My mom once soaked my brother's pants in pail. When she wanted to wash the pants, she turned the pocket inside out only to grab a lizard hiding in the pocket, in the water! It was alive! :p *screamsssss*

    1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heart attack!!!!!!!!!!

      I NEVER think of them in my house, they just keep coming.

  5. I use egg shells and it works! But I can only place them near the sink and not at other parts of my house cos my daughter will probably put the egg shells in her mouth. So the lizards avoid the sink but congregate elsewhere!!

    The lizards used to get stuck in my sink, unable to climb out. Thankfully, I have a hubby who loves to boil the lizards alive *evil laughter* and gets rid of the body so I don't need to handle them!