Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A wavered decison made but reassured by a timely visit from Dad

You came for a visit hours after I decided to let go of certain burdens, is it a coincident or you think I needed the reassurances?

You woke daddy up from his sleep then proceed to walked around our house, admiring it, nodding in approval, commenting that this house is very good.  You went to peep at us sleeping, asking in a concerned tone why we are not sleeping together.  Well Dad, because your little grandson insist that either one of us sleep with him as he is "afraid of monsters in his dreams."

Then both of you sat down on the sofa and chatted about a lot of things, or rather you were the one doing most of the talking.  You said things that makes me forgive myself for deciding to let go of those burdens.  You reassured me that its ok to let go, things will turn out for the better in future. 

You reminded us that your little grandson is very clever, we need not worry about him and also not to keep on scolding him.  But Dad, sometimes this little fella just gets into our nerves for not listening to us.  You said you are worried about Mum, us too but you know she is not a lady who listens to us unless we put on our stern look and tell her NOT to do certain things.  You want us to persuade her to stop buying 4D but Dad, you are the only one who can stop her coz she "swear that I will chop off my hands if Dad's number comes out 1st prize!" *laughs* Now its a dilemma for you, to let her strike 1st prize so she will stop AND chop off her hands or continue to let her buy and "donate" to Singapore Pools?  And you say Mum's Hakka Abacus is not tasty *Yikes!* and wants daddy to keep it from her.  You miss braised pigs trotter and ABC stout, Dad oh Dad, you're still the same even after so many years *chuckles*

You've been visiting the rest often too, you said both Brother & me are your least worry.  I am so relieve that you finally approve of me.  We were never close, not enough.  I always think that I am not a good enough daughter to you and Mum.

Daddy say you were wearing a golden Chinese tunic suit 中山装 (something you have never wear before, not even on the day we sent you off) looking good, healthy, smiling & glowing, without the spectacles too!  It makes me happy to know that you are well, even better then before, but why are you still here?  Why are you still lingering in between worlds?  Is it because you are still worried about us, your family? 

I am happy that you came by to visit us, its been very long since your last.  With your wise words, I shall move on with less regrets and more confident.  I shall wait patiently for the day the Sun shine through our dark clouds and set us free!

Note : This above post is true to every details by and its not fictional or made up by me. Unless you are a close friend of the family who instantly know what is going on, we would appreciate that you could keep your doubts & negative comments to yourself.  Thank you.

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