Monday, August 27, 2012

Let's take it Slow and onto a less burdened Road

This happened yesterday afternoon;

DinoEgg : Mummy, how do u spell Super?
(I was facing the laptop doing my stuffs and rattled out the alphabets without 2nd thoughts )
Me : Super
DinoEgg in his "as a matter of fact" tone : Let's take it slow
Me : Arh? Ok Sssssssss Uuuuuu Ppppppp Eeeeeee Rrrrrrr

Needless to say, I was stunned by his reply as this is the 1st time I hear him say it in this manner as compared to the usual "HUH?" What?" respond.

4 simple words ... most of us know it deep in our heart but rarely we will follow what our heart tells us.  We would probably push them to the back of our mind telling ourselves "Can't afford to slow down" or "No such privilege to enjoy this" or perhaps "I'll do it after I finish this project/deadline" where most of the time it never happen.

Later that day, in the midst of doing my stuffs, I did a self reflection (ya I have a habit of multi task physically & mentally).  Few days ago a couple of things took a bad turn which I do not have the financial ability to help out.  I felt sadden & discouraged.  I've been taking those things onto myself involuntarily for a long time.  I think I need a break, I deserve a break, I yearn for a break.  No doubt I was the one "creating" such problem for myself.  No one, not even those involved, has asked me for help/advise/share of burden.  I just took it on, naturally.  In my stage of despair I told daddy that I would like to just ignore these issues and adapt a "heck care" attitude.  I want to just shut them off from me and be an ostrich pretending that all's well.

I think I have stretched myself to the maximum.  Every night when I lay down on the bed I think to myself "What have I accomplished today for my family?"  Sadly, most of the time there are none that I would be proud of other then trying to maintain a nightly Bedtime Reading & Bonding with DinoEgg.  I have not been paying enough attention to my family because I have so much things on my mind or at the back of my mind.  I keep dwelling on the things that I wish a solution will just appear from the thin air.  And with DinoEgg entering to Primary 1 soon, I will have to get him & myself prepared for the new milestone and worry about anticipate the expected in the near future.

Its time I take it Slow & start to remove these burdens.

Those issues will be there until the person(s) involved take the necessary action to get out of the situation.  I shall not think too much about them.  I shall lower the expectations (just a teeny weeny bit for a start) I have for myself and those close to me so that I will not feel the urge need to take on every thing upon myself again.  I shall take time to smell the flowers, take deep relaxing breathes, put up my feet and enjoy MY LIFE.

Let's Take It Slow Together!

~ ~ ~

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  1. Yeah to this post Jennifer. We all need to learn to slow down from time to time and not get caught in the busyness of life that we neglect that's most important.

  2. Let's go for a s-l-o-w drip coffee one day and smell the chocolate lava cake. boleh? :)