Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birthday Dinner with the August Babes

This year's birthday dinner date was arranged at the last minute as every one is so busy with work.  We decided to meet on 03 August'12 at Genki Sushi for its wonderful & fresh food, plus we can chit chat in comfort as the restaurant is not very noisy though there is always a queue outside but its OUR day so we are Queens for that few hours hahaha~

These are part of the food that we order.  One and only one photo on our food because.... yupe you guessed it.. Food was not on our mind, catching up with each other's life is!

Here's the August Babes.  I made them stop eating n pose for this picture *evil me hahaha*

In the middle of the dinner, I whipped out Jes' birthday gift and gave it to her.  She was very excited and opened it immediately.  And in her words "Wow!  Its very beautiful!!"  After admiring it she put it on and did not take if off for the rest of the night.

Earlier that week I was so afraid that we were unable to meet up and will miss Chris' birthday so I mailed out her birthday pressie with a card.  She was very surprise when she received this in the mail on my birthday, took a photo of it and post on FB for all to see.  She love the ear rings though she say the rose ear rings are a bit for her.  Never mind, at least she love the other pair alot.

And we DID have our birthday dinner, was abit sad that the yearly gathering will be interrupted.  However we are missing Mich who is busy with baby Giselle, it would have been a perfect dinner if she can join us.  Its ok, there will be many opportunities for us to have our all girls dinner.

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  1. You are so sweet! I was so touch when i received my pressie in the mail on 1stAug that i teared..Thank you for being there for me and i know you are always a "click" away ^.^ Love you, Jen.