Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Unique presents for the August Babes

After I received my pearl necklace from Adeline of Adeline's Loft, I've decided to ask her to customize gifts for the August Babes.  My info to Adeline "Pls help me do 2 pair of ear rings for my girlfriend.  1 for causal & 1 for dinner.  She is a sweet girl who likes pinks n all those girly stuffs, she has long LONG hair, ear rings cannot be too big as she will not like them.  The other girlfriend... a necklace for her.  Something versatile, not too loud or too sweet, she's not those type, but a necklace where she can wear with her work dresses."

And here they are!  The gifts, created with my few lines of information & simple instructions.  If my memory serves me well, I said OK on their 1st mock up for the tear drop ear ring and the necklace.  The rose needed some adjustment but it was declared OK after 2 mock ups.  Thanks to Adeline who understands what I want without me having to go into much elaborations.

Blue Tear-drop ear ring
Lavender Rose pearl ear ring

Versatile Necklace
I got these a month plus ago, its been sitting in my drawer waiting for me to give them to Chris (the sweet girl) & Jes (the work dresses girl). Many a times I felt an urge to tell them that I've got their birthday pressie in my drawer and not telling them what it is BUT I stopped myself. Cannot spoil the surprise & excitement. I know they will like them but still there are butterflies in my stomach.

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  1. :D happy to know that you like what you've commissioned me to make Jen! I hope your friends like the personalized gifts. :)

  2. Thank you so much, Jen ^^ Love you!