Monday, August 6, 2012

A Cook For Family Post - Our perfect dinner for today

Its cooking day today with my PIC; Partner In Cooking that is, who is none other then daddy!

We were invited to join in #CookForFamily initiated by Daniel last month, we were very excited about this, to share with every one some of our favourite dishes.  We are both full time working parent so we are always eating out during weekdays, we try to cook during weekends.  Having most of our meals outside, we crave for home cooked meals, even the rice we cook ourselves smells extra fragrance.

Preparation starts in the late morning for 1 of our favourite dish; Osmanthus Soy Sauce Chicken.  After we throw all the ingredients & chicken into a pot, bring it to boil, we put it in our ShuttleChef  for further cooking.  We also prepared and put our soup into the ShuttleChef to cook too at the same time.

Osmanthus Soy Sauce Chicken ingredients

After that we relax, watch some tv, play some games, even took a nap till late afternoon.  Then its time to prepare the rest of the dishes.  Daddy patiently remove the shell and place the prawns in a pretty circle around the plate.

Steam Prawns in Plum Sauce ingredients

Stir fried Kai Lan in Oyster Sauce

In the midst of cooking our dinner.

About an hour later we are ready for dinner!  We remove our chicken & soup from ShuttleChef, they are both pipping hot even though we put them into the pot some 6hrs plus ago.  We sat down to have a healthy delicious & satisfied meal.

What better way to relax after the dinner then to have a chilling & refreshing fruit salad?

Daddy did most of the preparation & cooking while I am in charge of reading out the ingredients for him to prepare & preparing the fruit salad. Perhaps the next meal I will do all the cooking =)

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This post is to join in for the #CookForFamily Initiative
The #CookForFamily is a bloggers-for-bloggers initiative, created with a simple objective of getting more bloggers, and hopefully their fans and followers, to start cooking and bonding with their families. 

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  1. Wow the dishes all look so yummy!!

  2. Wow, your dinner looks fantatsic :) Inivite me over for dinner the next time you have such a spread.

    1. Susan, we usually have such spread during weekends cooking :P Coz its the only day(s) we cook so we want to cook something healthy n special to give ourselves a treat.

  3. BabyMoo will be sooooooooo happy with the chicken!!

    1. U want the recipe? I give u, u cook n enjoy with DaddyMoo & BabyMoo.