Monday, August 6, 2012

Bringing Home Cooked meals in STYLE

We usually cook lunch and dinner on weekends, sometimes we cook too much resulting in some leftovers.  Instead of throwing them away, our food cooked with LOVE, I will usually store them in the fridge and reheat them up to bring to office for the day's lunch.  I have a very trustworthy Tiger Thermal lunch box which I got it at a steal of SGD49 about 5 years back during an Isetan sale.  I use it to pack DinoEgg's porridge when he was able to eat solid food.  Yeah, I was determined not to expose him to too much of every thing artificial till he is much older.  Now I am using it myself.

Anyway, bringing my home cooked meals to office is a hassle n a bit messy.  Though the lunch box comes with a strap for me to sling it on my shoulder it is cumbersome as I have to carry mine & DinoEgg's bag.  Thus carrying it in a plastic carrier gives me more control on it but I still manage to spill some sauce or soup as the plastic carriers are usually of bigger size causing the lunch box to move around in the carrier.

Few months ago, I got acquainted with Jean, a stay at home mum who loves sewing.  I went to her blogshop Jean Stitch to see her handmade products and fell in love with it.  I contacted her asking if she takes customized order, she does and gladly agree to do my lunch box bag.  I gave her the dimension of my Tiger lunch box and told her to take her time as I don't need it urgently.

That was in May/June 2012. Last week I received the package and is very excited about it but was caught up with my work & tidying up the house for the upcoming event at home that I don't have the time to open the package till now.

My lunch box bag, packed nicely in a plastic bag.

The lunch box bag fit my Tiger lunch box to a T!  I am very happy with it!  No more ugly misfit plastic bag!  And look at this cute looking zip charm, goes really well with the fabric.

Thanks Jean for the wonderful lunch box bag!  I look forward to my other orders which I am sure will be as wonderful as this.

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