Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Expensive Shoes for a Dino feet!

DinoEgg, like me, has broad front feet so the normal shoes you see in the malls does not fit him as those are usually slim in the front.  As such, I take great care in choosing the right shoes for him, one that fits comfortably on the front and does not hurt his feet or toes when he walks.  I'm willing to pay for expensive shoes for him so that it does not hinder the growth of his feet or the way he walks.  I'm lucky that my sister runs an online shop ItsyBitsyMe! and she brings in good quality shoes and most of them are broad in the front.  She is his shoe supplier since he was born; from his 1st pair of pediped to pedoodles and proceed to See Kai Run shoes.

Recently I bought a pair of grey See Kai Run shoes, DinoEgg love it to bits.  Once he insist of wearing this with a brown corduroy pants (as in this following photo), I tried talking him out of wearing this but the brown Stride Rite shoes but he does not listen.  So he went out in his favourite pair of shoes & pants, oblivious to the color combination thingy, but happy nonetheless.

Anyway we went out last Saturday, DinoEgg put on his favorite shoes and when we were in the taxi 5mins later I realized something is wrong with his right shoe.  The metal hook fell off so the velcro strap is unable to hold the shoe properly.  We look all over the taxi and couldn't find it, we hope it fell off in the house but can only check later today when we reach home.  A look at the photo I took on that day he went out with his mismatch outfit and you can see the faulty hook.  I checked the other side of the shoe and realized that instead of enclasped tightly, 1 side of the hook was not bent in correctly.

We thought it will be ok for him to walk since the shoe still fit nicely and he could still walk without the shoe doing the flapping thing like a slipper but after a while its obvious that he has difficulty controlling that shoe.  We were contemplating whether to continue letting him wear the shoe while walking real slow or try to get a new pair of shoes for him.  Well, time was not on our hand as we were due to be seated inside Sands Theatre for a performance in an hour and half later, we have not taken our lunch, it was a weekend and we have to beat the crowd.  So, its option #2.  Then again its a challenge too, we were at Marina Bay Sands, where you'll see rows and rows of adults branded shops are, will we be able to find a shop selling kids' stuff? 

While walking towards the food court we scanned the shop names, none suggest that they are selling kids stuffs.  We almost headed to World of Sports to try our luck when we spotted Kids21.  I know they sell really expensive clothes & accessories but daddy says just take a look to see if they have suitable shoes.

As this is my 1st time entering the shop, I seek the shop assistant's help who recommended Camper shoes.  I fell in love with their shoes the minute I lay my hands on them!  The leather are soft to my touch, most important they have broad front and the rubber soles are soft and bent easily. 

While I was squatting down looking at the -limited- boys shoes, DinoEgg joined me.  From the corner of my eyes (while I was examining another pair of slip ons), I saw he took down the high ankle shoe, put it on the floor beside his feet, trying to see if it fits him.  He then took down another one and do the same.  *gasped* He is choosing his own shoes! hahah~ ok drama mama here talking.  Anyway I put down the slip ons I was holding and asked if he likes the shoes, then asked if he would like to try them on.  He did, tried on both style and love both of them, couldn't decide which one to get.  We suggested to him to get the blue pair coz we really do not fancy the high cut shoe.  He was ok with us deciding for him, happily put on the other side and waits patiently while daddy pays for his shoes.

Incidentally, this is our 1st DinoEgg shoe shopping experience.  DinoEgg was being polite and well behaved while the shop assistant brings out the shoes to get him to try out the size.  He was all serious when he was doing that, walking up n down to ensure that the size fits.  He even thanks the very patient shop assistant when we are leaving the shop.  She was clearly very surprised with his politeness.

This pair of Camper cost daddy a hefty $190! More expensive then daddy's Pedro shoes!  We warn DinoEgg to be extra careful with this pair of shoes coz "It a really very expensive shoes!", the most expensive I paid for was Stride Rite shoes @ $90+.  Of course I do not mind paying for good quality shoes but I feel a BIG pinch in the heart with this pair of shoes.  My consolations are (1) DinoEgg love the shoes as he chose it himself (2) its of top notch (it better be!) quality (3) fits his broad feet comfortably.

Oh ya, no such luck in finding the missing metal hook in the house, we even looked at the place we board the taxi earlier that day.  So that pair of grey SKR shoes are in the paper bag, its almost brand new, barely 4 months old, I really do not want to throw them away, its like throwing $80+ into the rubbish bin!  How could I salvage it?  Daddy says use cable tie, a solution to ALL problem *duhz* Anyone has any better suggestions?

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  1. Brian says Cable Tie... YA! That would work what! *roll eyes*

    Anyways - he says can fix one. He will find a pair of metal hook from a hardware shop to fix it!

    $190!!!!!!!!!!!! Duhz. There's a reason why I avoid Kids21 next door at Forum. But IF they fit and are of good quality (plus Z chose it himself! Whooohooooooo!) I think it's money well spent.

    1. MEN! Really think cable tie solves all problem huh? kekeke~ Maybe I'll use cable tie since we have plenty of them tucked in a corner inside store room.

      Aiyo u shld see him lah. His reaction is like he is drawn by the shoe, took it down carefully fearing that he will break it (coz I dun allow him to touch any thing on display lest he breaks it). My heart melts lah, coz he like it alot but dun dare to say it till we ask him to try it on.

    2. Cable tie and duct tape saves the world.

      I *know* exactly what you mean about the heart breakers and their antics!

  2. Replies
    1. Thought of that too... but how to write? Maybe I just give them the link to my blog wahaha~