Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo *Heart* Fridays - My heart is with Great Grandma

DinoEgg is blessed to have a Great Grandma and especially lucky that she dotes on him to bits.  Regrettably we do not visit her often enough as Saturdays are for enrichment classes which makes us kinda lazy to go out on Sundays.  Regardless, this does not weaken to bond both of have for each other.  Daddy is always the one who brings him over (I don't go coz weekends are my laundry & clean up days) and he will come back with things to share with me.

When DinoEgg was younger and still unable to talk he will amuse Great Grandma with all his funny actions.  Later on when he starts to talk -non stop- he will sit with Great Grandma n chat with her.  Doesn't matter that DinoEgg does not speak a single word of dialect and Great Grandma has problem understanding the then 2 year old boy's blabbering, she was smiling all the time.  Now that he is older, he speaks clearer & better Chinese Great Grandma can understand him and converse more with him. 

Once daddy relates to me their conversation in a taxi while on their way to Great Grandma's.  DinoEgg told him that he wants to give Great Grandma money.  Daddy was surprise and asked him why the sudden thought of that.  He replied "Tai-ma (Great Grandma) is very old, she is not working so she has no money.  I give her money so that she can buy things to eat."  Awww~~ so heart warming!  Daddy of course agrees with him and asked "How much you want to give Tai-ma?"  to this he replied "Ten dollars and twenty-five cents!"  Odd figure aye?  Daddy laugh at his good thoughts, later he passed him some money (more then Ten dollars and twenty-five cents haha) to give to Great Grandma.  Every one presence was very surprise when daddy relate the incident to them, this little boy really has his heart on Great Grandma. 

Great Grandma was unable to come to his birthday party, the next day we thought we'll pop by to 6th Ah Yee's house where they are gathering. It's his actual birthday and we bought a cake up to celebrate it with Great Grandma. Look how happy both of them are!

Great Grandma has at least 5 great grand children, some of them she sees more often then DinoEgg but she love this little fella to bits.  Every time when she sees him, she will grab him, hug him tight and plant a kiss on his forehead.  DinoEgg will miss her too and request us to bring him over to visit her.  He really has his heart with Great Grandma!

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  1. This post is so heartwarming! Dana loves her great grandma and they share a very special bond too! :)

  2. So sweet that Dinoegg loves spending time with his greatgrandma. My kids see theirs every other week as she stays with my mum.

  3. see! this is why he is my 2nd favourite boy after my son!

    he has a heart of gold.

  4. That is really sweet.

    My daughter never got to see her great-grandma, a remarkable woman who helped raise me. Things were complicated at the time, but on hindsight, I should've let them meet. :(