Friday, August 17, 2012

Foodie Friday - Authentic Thai Cuisine - Sakon Thai

We chanced upon this little restaurant couple of months ago during our rare trip to Serangoon North Ave 1 to buy some pet supplies. We were looking for food at the coffee shop but most of the stalls were either closed or food is not what we desire at that time. We looked around and saw this little restaurant at the corner, its running full house and there is a queue outside. Since its only me & daddy we decided to give it a try, after queueing for 15mins we managed to get a table.

We came out of the restaurant with happy bellies and wallet, we ordered 5 dishes & a soup, was expecting a huge bill but it was not!

We tell ourselves that we shall come back again soon, and we did, this time with DinoEgg we ordered more non spicy dishes to suit him. We thought perhaps the meal will not be as satisfying since Thai food are best known for its spicy dishes but we were wrong, the non spicy dishes are as tasty too.

We went on a weekday so there isn't any queue outside though it was running on almost full house, we settle down fairly quickly and ordered our food.

It has been a warm & humid day so its icy cold coconut for the boys & a mysterious sprite drink for me to quench our thirst.  

Pineapple rice with pork floss & prawns.  This looks small in portion but just nice for 2 adults & 1 child as we are having this together with the few dishes.  We finished both the rice and our other dishes and did not feel too full, daddy even managed to eat a bowl of red ruby.

Stir-fried beef with french beans{spicy}, we love this as the beef is soft n tender. Though its fried with cut chilli you barely taste the spiciness.

Stir-fried kai lan with garlic is tasty, the kai lan is crunchy but not tough, even DinoEgg (who is a little bit picky when it comes to stir-fried veggies) likes it and have a few mouthful of it.

This BBQ Sotong is probably our favourite dish, even for a non sotong lover like me.  The sotong are definitely fresh as its soft and sweet, not seasoning kinda of sweet but the sweetness of fresh food.  Dip it into the sour & spicy sauce that comes with the dish, the combination is heaven!

The bite size Honey lemon chicken is not too sweet, the chicken is soft & tender.  You can either pop the whole piece into your mouth or like me take few small bites to savor a piece.

A Must Try is their Tom Yum soup both clear or red {spicy of course}, drink this with caution if you are not someone who can take spicy food.  We love spicy food but still find that this is too spicy for us.  The seafood in the soup are fresh n tasty.

I love these porcelain crockery they put on the table!  They hold 2 condiments of cut chilli paddies with soya sauce and grind chilli with soya sauce.  And look at the tissue holder, you probably see one in every restaurants in Thailand but over here you may not see it in every Thai restaurant.

All these food and drinks, our bill is only $67.85!  Talk about value for money GOOD food =)

Sakon Thai is located at Blk 152 Serangoon North Ave 1 #01-304 Singapore 550152, Tel 6288 8225

Remarks : I am in no way affiliated to the management of Sakon Thai or have been compensated to write about this. All opinions are 100% based on our experience during our visit.

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  1. I love thai food to bits! Your post has successfully made my drool... early in the morning!

    1. Maybe its not such a good idea to post food in the early hours especially when I HAVE AN EMPTY STOMACH! FOOD FOOD FOOD!!!

  2. Sounds like a gem that can't miss in Serangoon:)! I'm drooling already...

    1. PC, if you are around the area go and try it out. However prepare to queue if you are there on weekends.

  3. wow looks good! have seen it before but never tried... now I will :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Yummy yummy Thai food. We haven't really been around serangoon. Will check out the place if we pass by that area.

    1. Just make sure its not a weekend if u decided to pop by coz there will be a queue outside the restaurant :)