Monday, September 3, 2012

A not so quiet afternoon tea & shopping

After the Day I met the Prince play we decided to find a quiet place for some afternoon snacks and drink, at the same time hide away from the scorching sun.  We were walking and saw these colorful 3D canvas Olympus PEN (just found out that this is for the Cathay's Blank Canvas Graffiti Competition - Battle Of The Crew 2 as part of Street Obsession's series of events on 01 September 2012 for the Night Festival 2012 ), couldn't help but make the 2 little imps pose in front of them who of course are eager to pose for us.

Look at us! Having Fun!

Then DinoEgg asked from me the camera as he also want to snap some pictures.  He snapped a photo of his cousin Farn but *oppss* I'm in the way haha~  He insist in taking cousin Han's photo and make her sit on the hot tile curb, she was saying "its hot its hot!" but still obliged him though the face is clearly not happy.

Daddy spotted Starbucks nearby and we made a bee line to it, only managed to find a table outside instead of in the air con area but it was at a shaded area so not so bad.

I went off to order the food & drinks for 3 adults & 3 kids, took me quite a while to order them and a while more for Starbucks crew to get them ready, sis made a few trips to bring the food to the table.  When I'm done with the payment and went back to the table the kids are already enjoying their cheese cakes/chocolate muffins.  I quickly settle down to enjoy my chicken & apricot sandwich *yum yum* & cappuccino.

Mr Sun is really a fun spoiler, we sat around even though we have finished our food & drink, not wanting to step outside.  So to entertain myself, I whipped out my camera and snapped a few photos.

Sis & Farn

What's catching their attention?

Well, its a rare sight to see daddy with the 2 little imps glued to him.  What wonders a certain phone with its games can make.  How a certain dragon rearing game can become a topic of discussion between them. 

We decided to make a move after a while & head off to the nearby Plaza Singapura for some window shopping.  Bad mistake.. We didn't know they were having some Kpop competition or something, the mall is packed with people & with the noise from the event area we regret it the minute we stepped into it.  Nevertheless, we still managed to walk around for a while, daddy even bought himself a pair of new shoes on his own.  Shortly after we decided to go home as the noise from the event & the crowd is unbearable.  

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  1. Eh! Z took pic of Han? That's a very beautiful shot!! well done!! Although it could do better if the tile was not hot then she would smile her sunshine smile. :)

    1. Exactly! Well nvm, there will be other opportunities =)