Monday, September 3, 2012

Chinese Play - Day I met the Prince

On 02 September 2012 we went to watch a Chinese theater play "Day I met the Prince 我要上天的那一晚", a play adapted from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900–1944).  This Singapore version with its script is written by the late Kuo Pao Kun is presented by The Theatre Practice 实践剧场.  

The simple stage set-up

This is the 2nd time we are watching a Chinese theater play, the 1st one was Ugly Duckling 丑小鸭 by an overseas group (It was such a disappointment that it was not worth remembering it). I was afraid that we will experience the same as the last but I was wrong.

3 actors who acted out a few different characters, 5 beautiful songs, simple stage props that includes 2 ladders & 3 movable panels plus some cloths, lighting & shadow effects, takes us flying with The Little Prince in search of a way to prevent the Goat from eating the Rose. It was such an entertaining 1 hour which captured DinoEgg's attention with its interactive, interesting and funny dialog, he was clearly enjoying it. He even learn how to make a paper rose! 

I love the book The Little Prince, the words are simple but intriguing, it get you thinking or having deep thoughts after the encounter with the person he meets on the 7 asteroid. These are my The Little Prince books, I bought 3 unknowingly, Copy 1 - English, Copy 2 - Chinese and Copy 3 - Chinese & English (Front part Chinese 2nd part English). I managed to give someone Copy 1, I'm sure she will enjoy the book.

Thanks to sis who introduce The Theatre Practice to me, it will be under my "Watch List" for any future suitable Chinese play for DinoEgg.

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