Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Are we so ignorant, STILL?

I was doing a blog make over and thought I should delete those 40+ drafts I had sitting in it taking up space.  For the fun of it, instead of simply deleting them I decided to see what are the things that I drafted and decided to abandon them, I came upon this and almost fall off my chair after reading it.  Seriously!  I remember this so clearly!!!

This drafted post was titled Are we so ignorant dated 10 April 2007.


Few weeks ago I was watching tv on Ch8 and during an interlude between 2 programs, it show a short program where they go out to the street n ask people questions. After watching it, my jaws really dropped.......

Q1. Who is China's first Premier?

"Deng Xiao Ping??" “邓小平??”
"Mao Ze Dong??" “毛泽东??”

Q2 Who is Singapore's first President?

"huh? errr... Shears??"
"Oh! hhmm... that man's who's face is on the dollar notes lor!" - proceed to grin widely coz he got the answer right.. well sort of...

One auntie very cute "Aiya dun ask me lah! I old already you go n ask those youngsters. I AUNTIE dunno this kind of things lah~"

Another auntie's reply "I dunno lah, I dun remember these kind of things lah. Today's things tomorrow I forgot lor, dun ask me lah"

Q3 Which is the longest war that USA has ever fought?

"Gulf War?"
"??? ??? Dunno..."

OMG!!! We cannot be so ignorant right??? Of course NOT! Read on...

Q4 Do you know who is 5566?

Everyone almost immediately says "Taiwan boys group" "Taiwan singer" then follow by giggling as finally they managed to answer ONE question correctly and feeling SO PROUD of it....

Though I do not know who is China's first Premier, at least I know who is our first President. Also, being no fan of any war movies, books, documentary etc, I know Viet War is the longest war that America has ever fought.


That was 5 years ago, and during these time Singapore has changed, our society is different, people are more complicated then before.  Instead of just having a simple 4 racial harmony groups, we have 4 racial groups from different nationality in this small island we call Home.  We, the ones who are born and raised in Singapore, felt intimidated but has this made us fight back?  Are we now more aware of our surroundings?  Has it force us to work harder, open up our mind & to dare to venture out, to proof that we are better then them?

Time & Tides waits for No Man.

We cannot always be on the same spot or moving in circles while the world is moving forward.  We can no longer be an ostrich burrowing our head in the sand. 

I have changed.  My attitude towards society has changed.  My demands in life has changed.  I consider myself one of the few lucky ones (if there are others out there) that currently I do not need to fight with others to claim my place in the work force or to keep my job.  I am in my comfort zone but that does not mean that I do not feel for the rest of the people.  I am always worry about DinoPapa's job, worry about DinoEgg's future.  There is this nagging feeling at the back of my mind on the fear of the unknown, of the "what-ifs".  I have adopted a care-less attitude as I believe in "you attract what you fear" therefore I'd rather focus on things that I have control in.

However, I still do not know every thing about the great big world as I have stopped watching news or merely scan through the newspaper to see headlines.  I choose not to know much as I have gotten dishearten and emotional from seeing all those cruel & sad things the tv news are reporting or the change in Singapore society or even the world that the newspapers are publishing.  I know the problem is THERE, I know the seriousness of certain issues but I choose not to keep reading it or having it slapped onto my face every other day.  

Of course if there is a need to I will read about & follow the topic/issues, these are mainly more important things in my life or things that are affecting our life.  I may be misunderstood as an ignorant woman not caring much about our society, our nation or being known as someone with limited knowledge.  Please bear in mind that my best friend to stay is Guru Google who is more then willing to share with me all his knowledge & wise words.  

So, do you know the answers to the questions above?  

Q1 China's first Premier is Zhou En Lai 周恩来
Q2 Our first President is Yusof Ishak.
Q3 Viet War - fought from 1945 to 1975.

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  1. I dunno leh... I'm really an ignorant nincompoop! :(

    1. Aren't we all? Nvm, we can rely on Guru Google :)

  2. At the back of my mind, I think I know. But my data retrieval is super slow. :p

  3. Haha... I like Adeline's answer. Same la. When i see the ANS, i know la. But the brain turn a but slow man. :P

    1. Sandra, get extra RAM together with Adeline, maybe can have discount. Hmm... maybe we do bulk purchase hor coz I think I need too. BP can get more discount :D