Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blessed with a child who love a trip to the barber's

For as long as we can remember DinoEgg only gave us problem on one occasion when its time to trim his hair.  That was when he was about 18 months, but can't blame him as the auntie was really rough in handling him, twisting n turning his head here n there in such force.  We of course strike tt saloon from our "Favourite Place" list, found another place for his hair cut and since then never have an issue on this.

He LOVE going to our neighbourhood Malay barber shop where the friendly Malay uncles love to see him too.  Back then he was probably their favourite 2 year old customer who never fuss, cry or need any distraction to have a hair cut.  He sat alone on the barber chair when he was 3 years old, he told the uncle how he wants his hair to be cut when he was 4 years old, he pay the uncle after its done (of course we pass the money to him lah) but not before checking himself in the mirror to see if the hair cut is ok.

Having a hair cut by The Boss

Sometimes another child will come in to have his hair cut, waiting for his turn, looking scared n worried.  The parent is always amused, sometimes envious, how quietly this 3 year old boy is sitting alone on the chair and will point to him and tell their child how brave that kor-kor/didi is, he must follow that kor-kor/didi to be very brave.  This made me beam with pride.

We have been going to this  barber shop as they have been doing a great job, as you can see from his photos where he look very handsome with his super duper cool hair cut.  Plus they treat him like a customer, patiently listen to him telling them his preferred style, never give him the feeling that he is merely a child and best to be ignored. 

How is your child's experience with their hair stylist or barber?  Is it as enjoyable as DinoEgg's?

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  1. this post brought a smile to my face. I remember too that I never had issue with Brandon at the barber because by the time he had his official haircut done by them, he was already 5 years old! haha! yes me was his barber since day 1 actually but it came to a point that I couldn't handle his thick hair so off to the barber he went. (psst, we saved quite a bit the first few years though. :p)

    1. I can never cut, sure come out disastrous!!!! This hair cut is only $8, not as expensive as a certain mother who declared to ST that her son's hair cut cost him $60 :P

  2. DinoEgg gor gor is so well-behaved! I should be one of those mamas to point to him and tell my child that he is so brave! My Little Chuck cannot make it during hair cuts with his Nai Nai, screamed towards the end, lol!

    1. haha~ but i think kids are scared of the sound made by the shaver, Maybe have to introduce tt device to him gradually n let him get use to that sound?