Friday, September 7, 2012

Foodie Friday - We Heart Xin-Bak Kut Teh @ Jalan Kayu

I am a fan of bak kut teh... ok ok... Who am I kidding?  I am a selective meat eater; that means I only eat pork that are sliced, prepared, cooked in certain manner.  Pork ribs ranks the lowest in my meat love list but braised pig trotters is #1 on the list; you get the idea already?  Regardless, I am STILL a fan of bak kut teh.  

I love the soup with a hint of herbs & spices in them, the yew char kuey (fried fritters) soaked full with the hot soup melting in my mouth, the pork liver cooked just right, the pig's big intestine minus its pungent smell braised till its soft & yet chewy, the soft & tender braised pig's trotter and the skin!  And then the side dishes... Mmmmm... ... Are your drooling already?

No?  Perhaps these photos will make you want to have some RIGHT NOW!

Bak kut teh

Pig's large intestine

Braised pig's trotter

Side dishes

Ok snap out of that and back to the reality!!!

I remember I went to a shop in Zion Road many years ago and another one some where at Cantonment Road (if I remember correctly) where I enjoyed their delicious bak kut teh, not sure if they are still around or not since its been a long time since we last went food hunting.  I must admit that it is difficult to find tasty authentic bak kut teh (not those you eat in food courts *YUK*), those that are good usually cost a bomb.

We chanced upon Xin Soon Huat bak kut teh or Xin-Bak kut teh few months ago while on our way for some mee goreng & prata at Jalan Kayu.  One day, we decided to give it a try and we never regret it.  The above photos were taken during our recent dine in on a cold wet & windy night.  It just seems right to have bak kut teh as dinner, eating the pork ribs, pigs trotters & drinking the hot pipping soup.  Did I just make you drool again?

This little shop is always bustling with people and on the 3 occasions we were there, its full house by 7pm!  We thought this is a family business, those that the grand parents started long time ago and is taken over by the next generations, until we saw newspaper clippings painted on 1 side of the wall.

Taken from their web "Key founders of New Soon Huat Pte Ltd were ex-offenders whom have broken away from their old habits and started NEW lives. The mission of New Soon Huat is to be a self sufficient enterprise serving up delicious local cuisines, offer job opportunities and skill development for ex-offenders."

That would explain the men with colorful tattoos visible on their arms & leg.  Frankly, I felt intimidated initially by the tattoos & the fierce looking men but I relaxed when I hear them talk and recommend some food to us.

We enjoy their food with their generous portion.  We always ordered 1 medium bak kut teh and cannot finish it, there were 7-8 pieces of pork ribs plus a few pieces of pork.  Being a selective meat eater, I did not touch the pork ribs & meat and only eat the mushrooms, liver, tau kee in the soup.  Poor DinoPapa has to finish all the pork ribs + eating the remaining pig's trotter, intestines, yew char kuey etc.  By the time we are done, both of us were stuffed so full that we feel so uncomfortable.  We could have stop eating then but we'd rather stuff ourselves till we almost burst then wasting food, just not our habit.  This time round, we are "smart", ordered 2 small bak kut teh so there are lesser meat to finish but still get to enjoy the delicious soup which they are happy to refill w/o 2nd thoughts.  I especially love the huge portion of yew char kuey especially when you have to "fight" with a 6 year old for it.

Guess how much did we pay for the above + 3 cans of drinks?

Its slightly over SGD50, talk about good food that is easy on the pocket and fulfilling on the tummy!

Xin-Bak kut teh is located at 257 Jalan Kayu Singapore 799485 Tel: 6484 3224 and 532 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 Tel: 6484 3224

Remarks : I am in no way affiliated to the management of Xin Soon Huat Bak kut teh or have been compensated to write about this. All opinions are 100% based on our experience during our visit.

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  1. Surely will go & try the food next time..looked so yummy!

    1. Amie, go n try their other food on the menu, let me know if they are delicious too. We always order these few dishes coz we were afraid of the serving portion. Too big and we cant finish then waste of food.

  2. Jenn ah, the intestines looks so good leh! I didn't know they have that! mmmmmm craving! oh oh!!

    1. Adeline, this dish is a MUST when we go there =)