Friday, September 7, 2012

Photo *Heart* Friday - Sadness in the eyes

My 6 year old is a bubbly, cheerful, happy-go-lucky boy who springs back seconds after being scolded, punished, deprived of ipad or tv. It is very seldom you will see him feeling down, with a sad face & disappointment in his eyes like in this photo.

So who has the power to make him feel this way?

The very "culprit" is none other then Cousin Han *chuckles*

We went out last weekend and it was agreed that while Sis & Farn goes home (as this young man has some homework to finish), Han will follow us home for an hour plus of playdate then we meet up again for dinner.  Both kids were very excited!  However, while we were shopping Han has a changed of mind which did not sits well with DinoEgg.  His non stop persuasion to the point of begging falls to deaf ears *OUCH*  And this time he did not spring back, this look stayed with him for a good 20mins coupled by the repeated questions of WHY till he fell asleep in the taxi on the way home.  The minute he is fully awake the look came back when we were home and the questions starts again *sigh*

Oh boy!  Heart broken at such young age?  I guess I may have to deal with this Heart issue later in his life.  I sure hope that I do not have to mend his broken heart too many times when some ladies who enter into his love life and intentionally/unintentionally broke his little heart before exiting.

Be brave my boy!  Love is cruel in the adult world.  For now, enjoy all the love you get from those who love you unconditionally.

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  1. Aww so poor thing! It's just the beginning of heart breaks as life is full of them but I'm sure he has your arms to run into always :)

  2. I hope he will still run to me for anything when he is in his teens *keep fingers crossed*