Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Call in the magical One-Two-Three before you fret

I wrote about the Art of Communication a few days ago, since then I was paying more attention to my interactions with DinoEgg and was highly amused with a few incidents. 

Take for example in the morning, our usual Rise & Shine routine will be me going in to either squashing him under my weight (Not all 60kg of me of course), letting my fingers do the walking all over him or a big long smouch on his cheeks.  This will arouse him from his sleep where I will inform him nicely that I'm going to bath and he has to wake up when I'm done.

Of course he will doze back off to slumber land, on certain days he will wake up when I call out to him after I'm done.  Certain days I have some difficulties, he will be sleeping like a log, oblivious to me screaming and shouting for him to WAAKKKEEE-UPPPPP!!!!!  Some days, it will escalate and my temper will flare, these are the days where I forgot to invite my next best friends; One, Two and Three to help out, these trio never fail to get things done in lightning speed.  Usually One's help is sufficient, sometimes I need Two's help but rarely Three's.  If Three's help is enlisted it will be a red alert case where tears will be shed and pain felt on the butt hahahahha~

Imagine this - DinoEgg continue to sleep comfortably (sometimes snoring) despite opening his eyes slightly each time I shake him only to close them again and goes back to sleep.  The minute One left my mouth, he will spring up from the bed (I joke you NOT!), wide eyed and ready to climb out of bed to fly off to the bathroom.  At times like this, I will be laughing inside, amused by the scene instead of enjoying the feeling of triumph.

At other times he can be so engrossed with his ipad that all my words or instructions falls to deaf ears.  
"One!" - Eyes shot up, fingers pressing the ipad's OFF button; regardless if he is in the middle of a game or a youtube movie, and saying "Yes Mummy?"

On days that he is dragging his feet;
"Two!" - "ok ok mum!  Wait wait! I'm going!"
See!  He received my instructions loud and clear but choose to ignore it.

On those dreadful days where he is really stubborn or misbehaved;
"Three!" - Sulking and throwing temper without moving.  A smack on the butt or a hard pinch on the ear (I do not pull as I was scared I will rupture the ear drum) or a cold hard stare from me.  Then he will stomp off to do whatever that I told him to do.

Oh~ The wonderful magical One-Two-Three!  A good combination where One alone can instil utmost fear and receive instant reaction from DinoEgg on most days.  

They surely have prevented me from hitting the ceiling on several occasions, stop any arguments from escalating.  Sometimes I really want to use them instead of talking so much, especially during the days that my energy is drained dry by work or by DinoEgg's endless seeking of attention and demands.  Of course this is not logical and its unrealistic.  This method is both "cold & unapproachable", its a one way communication, if you can call it, with no rooms for discussion or negotiation.  It will leave DinoEgg feeling dejected as I was not listening to his thoughts and feelings, he will be filled with pent up frustration which is unhealthy for our relationship and his well being. 

DinoEgg is not a robot whom I can or should control with One-Two-Three, he is my beloved, most precious child.

Are you using the famous One-Two-Three on your kids?  Do they work wonders for you as they did for me?  If you are using this, remember to use it sparsely, with great care and caution.  If you have just use the One-Two-Three on your child, how about giving your child a hug and say "I Love You"?


  1. Love it. One, Two, Three... it works for my 3 year old too.

  2. I'd try the loving-mum method first but sometimes if she's really naughty, yup, I do need to call on my one-two-three friends too! That doesn't work all the time though :/

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. I use this same number friends too!! :D and i also play the "Look at me when I am talking to you" game.

  4. It's effective for me when nothing else works, but only because after 3, the elder boy knows what's coming. The younger one still blur blur, and the other day when I started counting "1...", the younger one completed it by saying "2, 3"! How to scold the boys like that? :D

  5. I actually borrowed a book titled Don't make me count to three. Have yet to start reading it, but it talks about a hear-oriented discipline. Will share what I've learnt from it.

  6. haha! I can't believe I missed this post! I had been too busy. :p Yeah 1-2-3 used to work for me. Not anymore lor. Haiz. You'll probably have to try a different technique next time when he is older.