Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fun This Week - Working hard at Kid's Kampong

We have been cooped up at home for the pass 2 weekends so I thought its really time for us to get out for some fresh air and sun shine.  Not wanting to venture too far out from our neighbourhood my choice was either the Kid's Kampong or Gallop Stables.  We decided on the former, so its some fish catching for us or rather for DinoEgg.  It will be our first visit but its DinoEgg's 3rd visit!  *guilty as charged*  We should be the FIRST person to bring him there but instead he went there with his school and my younger brother, now you can see that we, as in me and DinoPapa, are not the outdoorsy type.

Anyway, lucky for us the sky was bright and sunny, which was good as it's been gloomy, hazy n wet for the pass week.

Its a short walk into the big compound till we reach Kid's Kampong and we paid for our entrance fee, of $10 per adult/child.  We kept the bucket and net from DinoEgg's last visit and brought it along thus we need not pay additional $4 for it.  DinoEgg was completely at home, he went straight to a make shift gantry (a plastic pole tied at one end and placed across the fence) and went into the fishing area, while we slowly take in the whole place.  Its a shaded area, so we do not need to sit under the hot sun, we make ourselves comfortable at a stone table & chair and off I went to join DinoEgg.

So many fishes! 

Trying my luck to catch the fishes

Clever! Squat on an island so that he can catch from all angels.

30mins later DinoEgg declared that he's had enough of fish chasing and would like to feed some fishes.  We head off to another fenced off area and found a big pool of koi, this is by far the only pool I've seen with so many koi in it (ok maybe I've never been to a lot of koi places)

Being koi, they will swim to you when you stand at the side of the pool with or without fish food.  They simply crowd in front of you, fighting their ways, even "climbing" up fellow koi's back just so that they can reach the front and get the food.

These koi are REALLY hungry! Or maybe just greedy? And they even try to swallow DinoEgg's finger!

There is another pool of yellow fishes, not sure what type of fishes.

We love the bunnies!  They sure look very fluffy and cuddly, in all colors too~  Makes me wanna pick one up n bury my nose in them... till I sniff the air at their cage.  Ok me n manure don't exactly agree with each other.

We spent about an hour there when we have to leave hastily as the sky suddenly turned very dark with thunder and strong winds.  DinoPapa quickly called for taxi, thank goodness we were able to get one as fast considering that the place is at a remote area where most taxi will not want to take the booking.

We'll probably go back again since its so near our place.  Maybe the next time we are there we can try rod fishing which we did not see it today.  

BTW we released the 7 fishes DinoEgg caught back into the longkang as we do not have any fish tank at home. 

*** *** ***

Kid's Kampong is located at
No 11, Pasir Ris Farmway 1,
Aqua Fauna Centre

Admission fees
$10 per adult or child
Adult only need to pay if you are accompanying your child into the fishing area

$4 for a bucket & net
Bring them back on your next trip and you do not need to pay for it again.

$4 per rod for rod fishing

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  1. Wow..looks like a good place to explore. I didn't know there is such a place here. DinoEgg is so enjoying himself. I think my boy would love to catch the fishes (or rather play with the water) and feed the animals.

    1. Its a difficult job to try to catch them fishes... I really have no patient for it hahaha~ And my back &legs will not agree with me too.

  2. Looks like a real load of fun you guys had. many Koi at that place. Should bring the kids one of these days as it's quite near our house.

    1. Dom, u should! Your #1 & #2 are old enough so you dun need to go in with them, can just sit outside n supervise.

  3. We've been there! It was part of Dumpling's school excursion and I took leave and went along. :p There were swans and some other birds there too previously. Are those still there?

    1. No fowls at sight -.- Maybe coz it was a weekend morning they decided to keep them some where? Was hoping to see them too. Thought there were ponies? Maybe I THINK they have ponies lol