Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fun This Week - BBQ Birthday Party

We were invited by Adeline to Brandon's 12th BBQ birthday party by the beach, we were looking forward to it, especially DinoEgg as he could run around in the big open space playing and having fun without much restrictions.  However the sky is not very cooperative, some dark clouds and thunder starts to show their presence around 4pm+.  By the time DinoPapa & DinoEgg woke up from their nap the clouds were darker & heavier.  We quickly get ready to go out, I decided to pack DinoEgg's windbreaker and 2 small brolly; I do not usually bring them out, even when dark clouds were looming but thought I'd better play safe today.

While on the road it started to drizzle, it did not stop when we reached Pasir Ris Park but that did not dampen our spirits.  It was quite a walk to the BBQ pit, DinoEgg keep pointing to groups of people and ask "Mummy, is that THEM????!!!"  And you can see he cannot contain his excitement as he was screaming and laughing all the while.

He can't wait to reach the pit, so he ran!  Throwing us far far behind.  He even walked up to a pit, starts waving to the people there n say "Hi!" "Hello!" despite me shouting from not so far behind that "its the wrong pit!"  The adults though confused, they were friendly enough to say hello back to him, they probably thought it was a friend's friend's kid lol.

The minute we were at the party, DinoEgg did the usual greetings then ran off (without us noticing) with the other older kids.  He came back after a while all perspiring and panting that he just chased a chicken; which is actually a rooster, at further down the road.  Not sure what is there and I was too lazy to take the long walk to find out.

While the kids were having fun playing & chasing around, we saw dark clouds looming...

The sky was not kind to us, it drizzled on and off, giving us small and big droplets of raining with occasion lightning and thunder.  While the kids were happy to run in the rain they eventually have to seek shelter under the brollies, finally settling down to have some food.  The adults were having fun too, BBQ-ing & eating under the brollies n heavy rain is a different kind of experience.

Now, how can we leave the chefs in the rain while they are hard at work cooking food for us?  Lucky for us, some one's got a huge brollie that provides shelter to the chef AND the food, hurray!

Was taking photo and caught this; DinoEgg frowning and worried face, he thought the lightning was near when he looked up, scared the hell out of him but actually it was just the flash from my camera phone.  DinoPapa is so amused with this photo keeps looking at it and laugh.

And the sky WINS! It poured!!!! We have to ditch the pit and leave!  Adeline & Edwin together with their relatives have to pack every thing in lightning speed and heads off to Adeline's house to continue the party.  We decided not to join them as DinoEgg was wet (from the perspire and the rain) plus I did not bring another set of clothes for him to change, we were afraid that he will catch a cold.

Adeline is kind enough to drive us to Elias Mall, saves us the trouble to try to get a cab in this rain.

We had some food at the coffee shop and heads off to Sheng Siong supermarket for groceries shopping.  While DinoPapa walked around buying the groceries, DinoEgg saw some live crabs and insist of taking some photos.

And we saw a huge Korea Alaska crab!!!  This is the 1st time I see a live one right in front of me, usually I only see their long feet on buffet tables or live moving ones on the tv.  It was... creepy.... 

We left after DinoPapa gathered the food for the next day's breakfast, it was getting too cold to stay in the chilling supermarket in our wet clothes and shoes.  After a hot shower we feel comfortable and cozy, this little fella is putting up his feet enjoying watching Wild Kratts on youtube.

I even get these yellow lilies from Sheng Siong, its been some time since we have fresh cut flowers in our house.

It was a fun day, with a few misbehaviour by DinoEgg but that's expected from him. He was too excited to stay calm and in all his good behaviour.  Most important thing is we had a blast of time! 

Others have commented that we should let our kids have some pure & simple fun in the rain, I always wanted to let DinoEgg have that experience too but the logical side of me always takes over the fun part of me. Well, now I can say that he did that! Though he was not very happy after having to leave the party early. He was clearly very angry with the rain as he grumbled and complained to me while we were walking out to the car park.

The rain and the huddling under the brollies while BBQ-ing and eating the BBQ food brings back memories of younger days.  Those carefree and wild days!  Did you have such experience too?

Remarks : We saw at Sheng Siong's entrance that No Photography is allowed *ooppsss* we didn't know that.  So please remember, DO NOT whip out your camera and starts snapping away the next time you are there.

All photos are taken with my Samsung GalaxyIII, I am very happy with this camera phone.

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  1. Aww...the rain came at the wrong time. At least he enjoyed himself before the sky gave way. I love DinoEgg's worried face..it's so funny.

    1. Ya the rain is a pain in some place *lol*
      but just have to have fun in another way to make the best of the situation.

  2. Me - bad. I LOL when I read that in his excitement, he headed to the wrong pit. The other BBQers at the wrong pit must have been shocked!

    Sheng Siong - we used to have 1 BIG outlet near my place and there were 10s and 10s of tanks of Geo Duck, frogs, fish, etc. One of the best (and FOC) entertainment for Dumpling when she was younger. Heh

    1. Aye, u shld see this mummy not far behind flinging her arms screaming away... no image already...

  3. That's a funny worried Dinoegg expression, cute :) The umbrellas sure look big enough to cover the food AND adults!

  4. ya! 1st time i see him so worried.