Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesdays Thoughts - To camping we will go, one day

I have heard of pretend tents made out of blankets, big pieces of cloth or canvas, cardboard boxes pitched up in the living room, in the bed room, in the corridor or even on the bed. 

This is DinoEgg's tent, all polka-dottie, flowery and PINK!  Ok as usual, he just have to be different from others.

The brollies are out in the balcony to dry since the day before after our fun in the rain at the BBQ birthday party.  Haven't got around to keep it and this little fella went to "camp" outside with his ipad.  So what if the floor is rough or the weather is hot or the sun is shinning onto the balcony or he is practically sweltering underneath the brollies.  He is enjoying his "ME TIME" away from us, away from my constant reminders to "turn down the -ipad- volume, I can't hear the tv!"

And he stayed out there for a good 30mins before he surrender.  Crawling into the living room declaring that he is "Hot & thirsty!"

I remember some time ago DinoPapa told him that he will bring him to some outdoor camping when he is older.  He was very excited, asking questions about camping but the excitement lasted for like 5 mins and decided that he will not like it at all.  Reason?  DinoPapa said "When you go camping, you cannot bath for a few days.  Because you are outside, not at home so where to bath?"  After thinking for a few seconds he promptly replied that he will feel itchy all over so no camping for him.

So perhaps he has a changed of heart?  Maybe he will love camping?  I'll have to let DinoPapa try to talk to him about this again if he still wants to bring him for a camping experience.  Perhaps I will join, 3 of us sitting outside the tent counting stars, listening to the waves, enjoying the tranquility of the night.

Maybe we shall have more indoor camping fun, this time I make sure that I join in with him instead of being "shut out" by him.

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  1. Brian has been saying that he will bring C to camp out when he's old enough. Mummy can stay home, because he knows that chances are, if Mummy goes, we will go home even before the sun sets!

    That pic of him under the umbrellas... made me smile. I can picture C there, too :)

    Thanks for linking up, Jen!

    1. We go camping together but at East Coast Park or some beach. The boys can do the usual camping stuffs, u n me go sit at macmac n enjoy the aircon hahaha~