Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cook for Family Day - Quick & Easy Simple Meal

Today's post is for the Cook for Family Day hosted by Cook for Family.  We have pledged to join but I was prepared to give it a miss as I was too tired.  This is because we had friends over yesterday and after going for DinoEgg's art class in the afternoon, I came home and started to prepare dinner.  I was having fun in the kitchen that whole afternoon but that drained my energy, I was too tired today to go out for groceries shopping.  

On top of that DinoPapa was feeling under the weather, he woke up with a bad sore throat.  I was prepared to have instant noodle for dinner and head off for an early night.  I sneaked off for a short nap and when I woke up 2 hours later and I found DinoPapa in the kitchen cooking dinner!  He went off to the nearby supermarket to grab some ingredients for a simple dinner.  

DinoPapa have a craving for escargot so grab a packet, this packet cost a hefty $15, expensive for 13 snails.  However, its worth it since it satisfied DinoPapa's cravings and DinoEgg had his 1st taste of it.

The dinner was done within an hour!  Super fast!  As DinoEgg ws feeling famish so DinoPapa have to speed things up.


Stir-fried Xiao Bai Chai with Prawns

Pork Bulgogi

Pan fried Pork Belly with apple sauce

Did you take part of the Cook for Family event?  What did you cook?  


  1. We took part also but the boys were in charge of cooking today :)

  2. Wow, so fancy have escargots. Haven't been cooking for a long time as I'm always so tired after work these days. Hopefully Dec will be a better time for more work-life balance ;)