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Foodie Fridays - Modesto's @ VivoCity

We were suppose to have a lunch gathering with friends on a Sunday afternoon but was cancelled due to a couple of reasons.  DinoPapa thought we should just go ahead since reservation was made at Modesto's.  So on a raining late morning, we took a cab and travel to VivoCity.

Our reservation was for 12pm; which incidentally is the time the restaurant starts operation, we were stuck at the traffic, I called up the restaurant to say that we will be late but not sure what time will arrive.  The gentleman on the other line assured me that they will hold our table till we are here.  How nice of him!  At least we won't have to run like mad to the restaurant so that we don't lose our table.

We arrived the restaurant at 12.15pm, waited for about 2 minutes before a waiter notices us as they were busy serving the customers.  Did I mention that the restaurant opens at 12pm?  There were already 3 families seated at their table and 2 big group out at the alfresco.

It took us a while to decide what to eat as there are too many we want to try, the waiter try to help by making some suggestions but we still couldn't decide.  We told him that we'll tell him when we are ready, took us about 10mins to decided and placed our order.  

Was looking around the restaurant and it seems a little bit dark inside, perhaps its the dark cloudy sky.  If its a bright and sunny day I think the sun rays will shine through the floor to ceiling windows make it brighter.

We have a table by the window, lucky for us as DinoEgg was kept busy watching the ferries out at the sea and the monorails moving to & fro Sentosa, give us few moments of peace.

It was raining quite heavily but the alfresco area was well sheltered keeping the customers from the rain.  Look at the group of customers sitting outside, looking so relax, comfortable, enjoying their lunch and each other's company.

While waiting for our food to be served, we enjoy a basket of Foccacia Bread that is warm and soft, it has a nice flavour which DinoEgg (who only likes sausage bread or cheese bread) enjoy.  It tastes better when you dip it in the extra virgin olive oil with balsamico that comes with it.  The basket of bread in generous portion are free for every table, such a nice gesture from the restaurant.

I prefer pasta over pizza so I ordered Linguine Alla Moedsto.  It comes with a choice of 2 persons or 1 person portion, I went for the latter and my jaws drop when they serve this to me.  Even for a single person's share it is still a huge portion enough for 2 persons sharing!

There were so many ingredients that I almost could not see my linguine!  There were fresh prawns, squid, clams, mussels, whole crab, anchovies, capers, black kalamata olives, dried chilli, garlic.  I must say the pasta cooked in the traditional Italian Cartoccio style is something I have not tasted before, its has the sweetness from fresh seafood and the that little bit of sourness from the tomato that makes this dish just so perfect!

I tried to eat the crab but after 2 bites and a bit of the sauce on my blouse I decided to give up or risk landing more sauce on myself.  

DinoPapa initially wanted to try their pork chop but changed him mind when he see the Chef's Special in November, Stinco D'Agnello Al Vino Rosso.  In plain English its Lamb Shank, braised in red wine sauce with fresh vegetables and mash potatoes as side dish.  It was cooked just right, soft and tender but he said he couldn't taste any red wine in it.  Overall, in his words "it was okay".

DinoEgg loves pizzeria so he ordered Cotto from the Junior Set Meal.  The pizza is topped with his favourite tomato, cheese and cooked pork ham.  When his pizza was served he declared that he is OK to eat spicy food so he plopped a spoonful of dried chilli on his pizza which he uses his finger to spread all over it.  You guessed it!  After chomping down half a slice of the pizza he declared coolly that its too spicy to eat and he needs water NOW!  And then politely asked me to "take away all the chilli please."  He could only finish 2 slices as he drank a big cup of ice water to cool his burning tongue and throat but after a while he start picking the ham and cheese to eat.

Junior Set Meal comes with a glass (adult size) of either apple or orange juice and a scoop of ice cream.  Its not just a single boring scoop of ice cream, its decorated with some fresh cream, biscuit, strawberries and blueberries.  Look who's grinning from ear to ear waiting to attack his strawberry ice cream~

A MUST TRY dessert is their home-made Tiramisu Modesto's, the combinations of mascarpone cheese, espresso, savoiardi fingers and coffee liqueur is simply heaven's made!  The light and fluffy tiramisu melts in your mouth and I guarantee that you will be saying nothing but umm~ umm~~ while savouring its goodness. 

Half way through we saw this uncle walking around the restaurant with a broom and a dustpan, sweeping the floor.  He came up to our table and sweep under our table, chair and around us.   Both me and DinoPapa looked at the uncle in disbelief and frown.  How can this happen in a restaurant?  They should know that sweeping will cause dust to fly around and may land on the food.  I hope this is a one-time only over sight by the restaurant otherwise it may be one of the reason that prevents customers from patronizing them again. 

Regardless, we had a wonderful time at Modesto's, the food's good, the ambience is pleasant, DinoEgg was well behaved which makes the lunch more enjoyable. 

If you have been to Modesto's and like us, find belly satisfaction, do tell us about it.  We love to see what food did you try and their taste since there are too many choices in their menu.

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Modesto's has 3 outlets, find one that is nearer to you.  We strongly suggest that you make a table reservation if you are going there in a group.

1 Tanglin Road #01-09/10 Orchard Parade Hotel Singapore 247905
Tel: +65 6235 7808

24 Mount Elizabeth #01-05 The Elizabeth Hotel Singapore 228518
Tel: +65 6736 2808

1 HarbourFront Walk #01-166/167 VivoCity Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 6376 9808

Remarks : I am in no way affiliated to the management of Modesto's Singapore or have been compensated to write about this. All opinions are 100% based on our experience during our visit.

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  1. I'm waiting for the girl's pizza making class in Dec to try the food at Modesto's. Thanks for sharing the review. The portions do look huge! :D

    1. Angeline, I'm sure Dana will enjoy herself? How not too when the kids are able to have loads of fun with flour and dough, at the same time be as messy as they want?