Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Art is not a mere piece of drawing

A steer in art teaching direction plus a change in teacher makes DinoEgg lost the fire in his eyes for art.  He couldn't connect with the teacher and a few weeks later he changed to a new teacher.  We thought he could get back his old self but it only lasted for a lesson or two. We were very disappointed with the school and totally lost faith with it.

My anguish over the previous art school was appeased when we started him in the new art school, I have written a post here.  After dropping DinoEgg at his art class, we went back to the previous art school last weekend to collect back all his work.  Looking at his work makes me upset again...

This is the 1st art work with the new teacher, you can see, there is a bit of art techniques at the clouds though I guess the teacher help a bit too. 

The day's theme is poloar bear, snow, ice bergs. 

This art work took 2 lessons; 1st lesson was to use a clay to mould something they like then leave it to dry, 2nd lesson was to paint the dried clay mould with colors they like and then make a print on a piece of paper.

The days's theme is body movement. 

No idea what the day's theme is as DinoPapa brought him to class that day.  Swimming?  Body movement?

DinoPapa brought him to class this day too.  Perhaps the theme is dessert?

Putting the medium and paper used aside, looking at work he has done it was a far far FAR cry from those he has done before.  These are mere drawing not painting with passion!

Perhaps my expectations from a school, an enrichment school or in this case a school that is specialized in teaching arts is more then others.  I see that his artwork is something that I would not have dreamt I'll produce but I wanted more.  I'm no expect in art or whatever but I'll study the work in more details; the technique, the strokes, the medium and most importantly feeling it with my eyes, waiting for it to speak to me, to transfer the emotions from the artist (which is DinoEgg) to me.

*SIGH*  I should let it go now that we have nothing more to do with THAT school.  

I am thankful to have found the right talented teachers to impart all their skills and knowledge to younger generations who are keen in art.  The fire in DinoEgg's eyes are once again lighted, the passion is back and the yearn for learning is stronger then before.  We hope the passion will goes on as long as possible, perhaps one day he will paint a beautiful portrait of me.

BTW, when we were there to collect his work, they still can't find DinoEgg's name in the class list *BAH!!!*

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  1. I think the pieces are still good, just that they look like he can do it at home himself no need go to school! I think I won't be happy too, spend so much money and the works produced can be done at home.

    1. Mad, the piece tt i literally rolled my eyes on is the racing work. WTH is that??!!!! Ok ok... let it go... let it go.... *breath in~ breath out~ breath in~ breath out~*

  2. I think I will be over the moon if my kids could produce any of the art pieces shown..... but, then, they've never attended art classes. so I do understand your grouses of paying so much and not receiving as much....

    1. Hmm... money was not an issue. We pay for the quality of the teachers not the because of the school's reputation thou I agree that it does play a part, a little part at least =)

  3. I thought the one with the owl print was actually quite interesting, since it involved two sets of art in a sense, but I totally agree that teachers need to also instil the passion too! Glad that the boy is enjoying the shift to the other school!

    1. The owl printing was ok but he did not like their clay which has a peculiar smell (which I wriggle my nose at when I first come in contact with it), but he did a good job for moulding the owl n the branch.