Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday's Thoughts - Art is "Teaching art from the heART"

A year ago, we started DinoEgg in art class for some serious learning on art techniques, drawing and knowledge.  It wasn't something that we forced onto him, it was something he shown interest after he went for the trial at that art school.  So for the next few months he was looking forward to art lessons every Saturday.  We were very happy with his progress, you can see his 1st term art work over here.

Every thing was going smoothly until the school shifted their focus of their teaching, change of admin staffs and teachers.  DinoEgg's teacher left the school, (I blogged about it here) and since then you see a drastic change in him.  He used to get upset when we were unable to go for art lessons but now he did not protest when it happened.  He used to put in more effort to do his art work in the class (even though the mouth is talking non stop), now he just do it "any-o-how" then proceed to the side table to do some doodling on the paper while the rest of the class finishes their work.  He does not feel connected with his teacher, thus he is not interested in anything in the class.  Even i do not feel connected with the teachers and the admin staff. 

One example is this craft he did.  The kids were suppose to think of a place in their house and create a clay miniature model of it.  This is suppose to be our kitchen, apart from the lady (supposedly to be Me) and the stove beside her that looks something recognizable, the rest of the things are just... something.  He even did not bother to color them properly and nicely.

That's when we know we have to intervene or risk him losing interest in something that he has passion in.  We started to look around for art school with good reviews from friends but unable to find one that suits our requirements.  Its very disheartening and despair to see DinoEgg leaving the class in foul mood or unhappiness on his face; not to mention the money we now feel are wasted as it is not yielding the result what we want.

Then we got to know that the ex teachers are now teaching in another school!  Imagine our joy and happiness!  However, I did not contact them immediately as we just renewed a term with the school, but things too a change and with 6 more lessons to go we would have bear with it till the end if not for the incident with his teacher that makes him sad.  He has always been a noisy, active boy in class, that day he was being chided by his teacher to "keep quiet or I will tell your daddy and mummy".  Ok, don't get me wrong, I am not over reacting or over protecting him.  This is an art class, which is suppose to be filled with fun and laughter, how to let their imagination run wild without sharing ideas with each other, how to share when every one is in silence?

DinoPapa was more upset then me, he is willing to forgo the remaining 6 lessons and wants DinoEgg to start in the new school immediately.

And so here we are, in the new art school.  DinoEgg was very excited to know that he will be united with his teachers; Teacher Elma and Teacher Gus again, from the screams and squeals its clear that the teachers were happy to see him too.  We know we made the right decision to switch over immediately, DinoEgg will be in good hands to continue his interest in arts.

Today's lesson - Learning about Andy Warhol and his techniques.

Some re-bonding time with his teachers.  He was the only student in the Sunday afternoon class so he was able to have both of his art teachers sitting down with him for some small talk.

While walking out we saw this outside the school "Teaching art from the heart", what an apt phrase to echo how I feel about this.  To go through motion or by the books or to impart your knowledge with fiery passion from the heart?  I'll choose one who is the latter.

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge ~ Albert Einstein

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  1. I totally agree with you that teachers play a very important part in cultivating, nurturing and engaging a child's interest. I'm so glad that you found out where the teachers moved to and decided to enrol him where he's comfortable with!

    Thanks for linking up, Jen! Looking forward to seeing more heART work from Z!

  2. Jen i totally agreed teachers play a very important part in the activities. if the teacher is boring and have no passions these will affect kids from learning. So you had done the right way.
    If i were you, i would too search for the best for my girl. no matter how far or expensive it would be. Just follow what you feel it's right for zheng. Most important is he have interest in the class otherwise it's s waste of time.

    1. Yupe. I will only send him to those enrichment classes (not academic classes) that he is interested. Otherwise it will always be a torture to go for the lesson if he is not interested.