Monday, November 19, 2012

Starting Primary One #2 - The Parent Volunteer Briefing

On the morning of 24 May 2012 Catherine and I was at the school for the Parent Volunteer (PV) briefing, I was so excited that I could not contain it.

I had a talk with my bosses the day before, telling them that I am going to start doing Parent Volunteer and will probably need to take leave to clock the 40hours.  I asked them if its ok that I take a day off every week to perform the duties, in this way I can clock in more hours in a couple of months.  I am very grateful that I have very supportive bosses, they agree to this and asked if I have enough leave to cover the days.  They even suggest that should I exhausted my annual leave they can work out something; such as unpaid leave or use next year's leave, to cover for the days.  With their words, I am more relieved, I can start Parent Volunteer duties with out much worry.

Anyway back to the school, the briefing started slightly after 9am.  There were slightly over 10 parents attending the meeting (there was another one at a later date for those who are unable to attend today).  We were given out the Parent Volunteer Handbook 2011 and the teacher-in-charge of Parent Volunteers starts to go through the handbook in details.

Next, we went through the list of activities the school has arranged for the parents to take up.  The handbook states clearly under the individual activities the name of teacher(s)-in-charge, parent coordinator(s) and their email address.  It also states in details the objective of the activity, scope of work, frequency of involvement and any particular equipment required.

For example for the reading program;
To motivate and inculcate in pupils a love for reading and thereby improve their reading skills.

Scope of Work
1. Source for interesting books from the library before each reading session.
2. Gather the pupils at a fixed room and mark their attendance.
3. Call and remind pupils who are absent for three consecutive reading sessions.
4. Make the reading session more interesting; songs, language games, riddles, jokes and spelling games may be incorporated.
5. Give feedback to the teacher-in-charge if any pupil has any behavioral problems that are out of control.

Frequency of Involvement
One to five times a week for half an hour during the silent reading period.

Any Particular Equipment/Asset Required
Appropriate books from the library or any other sources.

As you can see from my form, I have marked out Fridays to do my duty, I have also told the teacher-in-charge that I would like to utilize my day's leave to be involved in the activities so that I am able to clock the hours faster.

After about an hour of going through the handbook, the explanation, the questions & answers, the briefing comes to an end and we were asked to sign a Letter of Understanding for Parent Volunteer before leaving.

Before leaving, the teacher-in-charge said that the school will send email to us within the next week advising us which duty they will be assigning to us.

~ ~ ~

For the next few weeks I will be sharing our experience on our preparation for DinoEgg's Primary One.  I hope it will serve as a useful guide to parents when its their time to get their child ready for the new journey and have an idea how Parent Volunteer works.

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