Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Advent Activities - Read Aloud, Flowers for the Snowman

I chance upon the book Flowers for the Snowman by by Gerda Marie Scheidl, Jozef Wilkon (Illustrator) a few weeks ago while shopping at the event hall in the neighbourhood mall after our dinner.  While browsing at a stall selling books, the sad looking snowman on the cover caught my attention, I've never seen anyone draw or make snowman look sad or unhappy, I just have to find out the reason.

The Snowman is in a pure bright white snowy world, he had imagined the world to be full of color.  He thinks he is at the wrong place so one day he sets out to search for the flowers, flowers in all the colors of the rainbow.  Along the way he met a hare, a crow and a cat who discourages him from this impossible search for flowers.

Snowman dear, it's sad, I know
but since you're only made of snow,
you'll never see the flowers grow."

Snowman ignores them and did not give up, he continue his journey and when he indeed found the flowers, flowers in all the colors of the rainbow in a greenhouse, something happened.

Snowman dear, it's sad I know,
but you were only made of snow....

Look at the Snowman at the back of the book to get a clue on how the story ends.

We enjoy the book, with me reading to DinoBoy, we even discuss the moral of the story of not giving up when the whole world tells you that you cannot succeed and to follow your dreams when ever its possible.

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This activity is part of an Advent Activities series where we aim to share on a daily basis the various activities we are doing as we lead into Christmas!

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